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The Sims 4 Replica Build Challenge: Airbnb Builds

Sul Sul, Simmers! 

Heathermoon here and I’m currently toying with the idea of hosting a weekly Replica Challenge. I’ve been traveling Germany and France via Airbnb recently and just drooling over some of the beautiful builds available to rent (“builds” was an unintentional Simstake that I’m keeping because its funny to me).  If you’re anything like me, then you probably have a special bookmark of beautiful homes and buildings you plan to recreate in The Sims. This is the idea behind the Replica Challenge. 

How it works

Biweekly I will post a selection of images and links for the Simming Community to replicate in-game and post to the gallery or on social media using #ReplicaChallenge (Open to console Simmers!)


  • Must state in the description what aspect you’re replicating (whole build, a specific room, etc.)
  • The description must include associated hashtag provided above each image in the initial Challenge post (type, location, character/actor name, etc)
  • CC allowed
  • Two weeks to Replicate! Featured Builds will publish in two weeks!

Throughout the week I’ll be monitoring the hashtags and will choose a few per each option to display in a Replica Challenge – Featured Builds post! I will predominantly be on Twitter and The Sims 4 Gallery while perusing #ReplicaChallenge but will check out Tumblr, Youtube and Instagram on occasion or per request, for now. 

Here are the biweekly options:


“Romantic 1 bed with stunning views”



“Off-grid itHouse” Pioneertown California, USA



“HIDEOUT BALI – Eco Bamboo Home” Bali, Indonesia



What if there is no specific image of the exterior/layout of a build?
Make it up! You must state in the description exactly what aspect of the build you’re replicating because that is what will be judged.

How is this graded/judged?
Its a replica challenge so the Features will be selected based on how well replicated the build/creation is! 

If I’m featured, will my socials be included?
Of course! Sims Community is nothing without the Simming Community and, unless otherwise stated by the builder, that means giving credit where credit is due! 

I’m on a console, can I still participate?
Unfortunately you console-players get left out quite often, this is the exception! Please participate! Due to console restraints, you can not upload your build to the gallery BUT you can screenshot/record your build and post it on social media using the designated hashtag. Primarily #ReplicaChallenge

How do I take screenshots?
Glad you asked! Here are a few tuts:

Will it always be Airbnb options?
It will not. Airbnb just happens to be my muse at the start of this challenge so at least the first post will include Airbnb stays. It will also not just be builds- there will be Actor/Character Replica Challenges for you CASimmers.

Why is this a trial?
It started as an idea and if it doesn’t catch on after a few iterations then it will die there. No sense in dragging something out.

How do I find the initial posts or further images?
When clicked, each image and image title will direct you straight to the source I pulled it from.

Got a question not answered here? Drop a comment below or on twitter!

Happy Simming!

About the author


Sul Sul! I’m Heather, a 27-year-old Simmer and I’ve been playing since I was 8! I love building and I’m really good at playing the same household over and over again with each new game. When I’m not playing, I’m finishing my schooling in Game Design, practicing aerial or making some weird historical outfit! I love showcasing Simmers, so if you have someone in mind feel free to reach out!
Origin ID: heathermoon017


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    • It does not, just make sure you specify in your desciption or post that your focus is on the exterior and you’re good to go! Looking forward to see your build!

  • So do you have to only be one thing the entire time you compete or can you change biweekly (i.e. do a decorator the first biweek challenge and do offthegrid the next challenge)?

    • Hello, CordeliaAnne! Each challenge length (two weeks) will have different references to replicate. This week we have these three references to choose from, next week there will be different ones. You can build more than one per challenge length if you’d like.

  • I have two questions: How would I be able to submit a build if im on console? And second, I dont understand the hashtag system. What am I supposed to do? Thank you!

    • Happy to answer your questions, Gabriella! I’ve included links for a tutorial on how to take screenshots on console (linked above in the post’s FAQ). Post screenshots of your build on social media with hashtags #ReplicaChallenge and the associated reference hashtag. For example, this week’s tags are #decorator, #off-grid, #hideout. So, if I’m doing the hideout build I’d tag like this -> #ReplicaChallenge #hideout

  • Hello, I just uploaded to the gallery for this challenge and realized #off-grid only registers as #off. Is there a different version of that tag we can use?

    • You’re all good, I can see it! It’s the #replicachallenge that is most important.
      Thanks for the submission and great work!

  • Hi Jill, and I love your posts and articles about your camping and caravanning trips. Your love of the Australian bush shines through. No wonder you prefer a free camp in the bush over a caravan park. Happy holidays to you too products