Tiny Living

The Sims 4 Tiny Living Official Contest

The Sims Team is doing an official contest in celebration of The Sims 4 Tiny Living Stuff Pack coming out this month!

The contest is all about building a tiny residental lot that’s practical, useful and well decorated. Check out SimGuruFrost’s brief description of the rules for this contest:

Rules: build a tiny yet functional (must be able to fulfill all needs on the lot) home for a single Sim household on a 20×15 lot with #TheSims4Contest and #TinyLivingContest in the Description text box, and upload it to the Gallery. You will be judged on originality of layout, complexity of design, uniqueness of lot. We will pick 10 winners and show the winning lots on our Tiny Living Livestream! NO PURCHASE NEC. 18+ Ends January 13 @ 11:59PM PT, 2020.


There are going to be 10 winners picked, with each one getting a copy of The Sims 4 Tiny Living Stuff Pack!

For more information about terms, conditions and rules check out their official forum post!

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  • Am I missing something? A 20×15 house isn’t that tiny. I know the new pack will have a 100 square limit so how many squares is the limit for this challenge?

    • The challenge finishes before the pack is released. 20 x 15 is the smallest lot size currently (disregarding whatever sizes special lots) so it’s better to suggest that lot than try to get people to stay within the tile amount when the lot type isn’t available yet.

    • It’s the lot size, not the house size. They give you the opportunity to build a lovely garden to accompany the house. Try to stick to that 100 blocks limit, it shows you cared enough about the pack to research it.

  • Why do you have to be over 18? That’s so annoying! I wanted to enter but I guess I can’t. I’m excited for the pack though and to see what everyone else does with the challenge!

  • I really wish that I could participate but sadly I only own the copy of the sims 4 on console. I know that the gallery is soon to come to console but I really wish that it had come sooner because this challenge seems quite fun and interesting.

  • Why 18+? It isn’t like it’s NSFW and it’s not like you’re gambling either; you either win and get money or you lose and nothing happens. I’m 18 on February 27th and this pisses me off so much.

    • I don’t think they said no but I don’t think CC or modded lots will be picked and you’re better off using official content. The gurus try to stay away from cc items, as well as lots that have glitches (putting items together that cause that flickering effect on where they overlap) and obviously lots that are stolen.