The Sims 4 Tiny Living

The Sims 4 Tiny Living: Everything We Learned from the Deep Dive Livestream

In case you missed it, The Sims Team did a deep dive livestream today where they covered all the additions that came with yesterday’s patch as well as all the new content coming in the upcoming stuff pack, Tiny Living.

You can catch the replay here!

But if you’re short on time and can’t spare two hours, we’ve made it easy for you. We’ve covered all the info about Tiny Living revealed in the livestream right here in handy point-form format. Scroll to the category you’re most interested in and get all the facts right away!


  • Tiny Living will be released worldwide on PC and Mac on January 21st, 2020. The release date for PS4 and XBox One is February 4th, 2020.
  • The visual inspiration for this pack was Hygge, which is a Danish style and mindset that means warm and cozy with feelings of contentment.
  • The Japanese concept of One-Mile Wear was also cited as inspiration for the CAS portion of this pack. One-Mile Wear means clothes that can be worn anywhere within a one-mile radius of your home. Comfy clothes that can be put on and worn while running quick errands or partaking in casual social activities close to home.


  • Sims can “Brag About Tiny House” to other Sims if they live on a Tiny Home Residential lot. The interaction changes to “Brag About Really Tiny House” if the Sim lives in a Tier 2 or Tier 1 tiny home.
  • The murphy bed can kill Sims! Death by Murphy Bed is a new death type in the game!
  • Murphy beds have a higher chance of killing Sims when they are broken. Functioning murphy beds can still kill Sims, but at a much lower rate.

  • The murphy bed can be upgraded to lower/eliminate the risk of being killed.

  • Sims who die from the murphy bed have sleep Zs emanating from their ghosts.

  • Murphy bed ghosts are “energy vampires,” as Connor described them in the livestream. They will possess living Sims and suck the energy out of them.

  • Murphy bed ghosts will not allow living Sims to sleep. They will wake up any sleeping Sim on the lot.

  • In the livestream, a child was seen being injured by a murphy bed while trying to open it. It was not mentioned if children can die from murphy beds or not.
  • Monsters will not spawn under murphy beds, since monsters do not spawn under double beds. The monster will spawn under the single bed that comes with this pack, however.


  • Tiny Living comes with a premade Tiny Home Residential lot you can place down. The game will prompt you to place the lot when in the map view, much the same way it prompts players to place restaurants and spas from Dine Out and Spa Day.
  • New build mode UI for Tiny Home Residential lots. Players can easily switch between a normal Residential lot and a Tiny Home Residential lot. Tiny home requirements and rewards can be seen in a new tab when building on a Tiny Home Residential lot as well.
  • Tiny homes have three different tiers, each one with its own set of requirements and gameplay rewards. The smaller the home, the more gameplay benefits.
    • Tier 3: Small Home (max 100 tiles)
      • Lighten The Load – Lower bills

      • Feelin’ Fine All The Time – Happy, Inspired, and Focused buffs last twice as long

    • Tier 2: Tiny Home (max 64 tiles)
      • Lighten The Load – Lower bills

      • Feelin’ Fine All The Time – Happy, Inspired, and Focused buffs last twice as long

      • You Got The Touch – All skill gains are doubled

      • Cozy Comforts – Everything is twice as comfortable

    • Tier 1: Micro Home (max 32 tiles)
      • Lighten The Load – Lower bills

      • Feelin’ Fine All The Time – Happy, Inspired, and Focused buffs last twice as long

      • You Got The Touch – All skill gains are doubled

      • Cozy Comforts – Everything is twice as comfortable

      • Let’s All Get Along – All relationship gains (and hits) are doubled

      • Let It Grow – Plants grow twice as fast

  • As you build, the game will keep track of how many tiles you’ve placed at the top of the screen. The player does not need to manually switch between the three home tiers; the game knows which tier the home is based upon the number of tiles placed and recalculates accordingly.
  • Lot size does not affect Tiny Home Residential requirements. Players can landscape the exterior as much as they want. Only the physical building structure eats into the tile limit.
  • Things that count as additional tiles:
    • Additional levels (basements and upper stories)
    • Foundations
    • Decks
  • Things that don’t count as additional tiles
    • Objects
    • Pools
    • Floor coverings
  • There are ways to get creative with the build restrictions and extend your usable space without increasing your tile count, like utilizing a flat, unenclosed roof as a patio or rooftop garden.
  • Some new space-saving objects that don’t have a base game equivalent include:
    • Foldaway murphy beds, both with and without a foldaway love seat attached.

    • Bookcases that can connect to the murphy bed.

    • 3-in-one TV, stereo, and bookcase object in 2 size variations. The larger one will not break in the rain because it has a covering over it.

    • A 1×1 desk.

    • 2 different 1×1 dressers.

      • NOTE: There is one 1×1 dresser in the base game but it’s an extremely expensive Victorian one that doesn’t easily match different home styles and is not affordable to the average Sim.

    • 1 floor lamp that doubles as an accent table for small decor.

  • Murphy beds are disabled for the Off-the-Grid lot trait because they are remote-controlled and can break.


  • As always, new hairstyles, tops, and bottoms for both masculine and feminine Sims, ages teen to elder.
  • One new unisex full body outfit, ages teen to elder.
  • Three new accessories; a matching earring and necklace set, and a pair of glasses.
  • No new clothes or accessories for children or toddlers; however, all the adult hairstyles in this pack are also available for children and toddlers!

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