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The Sims Mobile Team seems to be teasing the Next Update

The Sims Mobile developers seem to have been teasing the upcoming update for The Sims Mobile!

It all started with the tweet by SimGuruIlya who posted this a picture of weather in Melbourne, putting an emphasis on “Hard to tell what time of day it is”. This originally wouldn’t be considered a hint if there weren’t for other tweets…

Then the hinting continued by SimGuruJack who posted this GIF:

And the last hint was posted by SimGuruMegz which is a video of her dimming the lights:

All of these hints generally revolve around lights, darkness and time of day. If we put all of this together then the team is probably hinting at either the Day / Night cycle coming to the game…or just more lights being added to Build Mode.

Stay tuned to our Sims Mobile News Category and we’ll keep you updated with whathever the next update is all about!

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  • This is a reference to the bushfires that have been burning in Australia since JUNE last year.

    Our country is on fire and you think they’re teasing a new game update? The fucking gall.