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The Sims 4 Community Voted Stuff Pack: Round Three Results

SimGuruSarah has revealed the results from the third round of voting for the upcoming Community Voted Stuff Pack!

If you are not sure what the Community Stuff Pack is all about, you can find out more here.


At this point, we’re well underway in the development process of our upcoming The Sims™ 4 Community Voted arts-and-crafts-themed Stuff Pack. As a community, you’ve picked your favorite gameplay feature (knitting!) and art style (DIY delight!) for the pack. Round three of the voting, though, starts to take us into the particular assets you’ll see with Create A Sim clothing choices.

In the time since the voting ended, we’ve parsed the data, finalized the selections, and gone through an informal internal approval process to ensure the pack’s offerings are well balanced. From the whopping ninety-two pieces of CAS concept art presented, your votes helped narrow it down to the top fifteen pieces you see below. (Some of them are even craftable in-game!)

Without further ado, these are the clothing options that will be included in this upcoming Stuff Pack:

Over the next couple of weeks, our concept artists will be creating more art for the next vote in early March, when you will be able to help us settle on the objects we move forward with. Until then, you can start planning the perfect outfits for your Sims to wear while crafting!

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See you for Round 4 in March!

Let us know what you think of the results in the comments below!

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  • None of the female clothing I picked won which is a bit disappointed. Didn’t care for #50 (I feel like we already have a top like that or maybe it’s a cc?) but I I’m pleasantly surprised about two of my other male tops were picked. Didn’t pick anything with toddlers since I don’t play with them as much. Over all I’m not really disappointed with the selection though I wished one of the aprons had won since I do play with elders a bit more nowadays and one of them would’ve suited better than the options in game already. Wished the child version of those boots won too but no doubt someone will convert it as usual.

    • I agree with you, seems like we already have a version of that same top I believe it was with getting famous, maybe get together? Don’t know, just know we have something like that already.

  • Like that some of them will be craft able but I do hope there will be more smaller items like stuffed animals and other CAS items like gloves or mittens that can be crafted too since they were rather popular in the forums the team had started up. Looking forward to build and buy since there were some cute items in the concept artworks.

  • I wish people would have voted for stuff that doesn’t look like we already have in the game. I expected more personalized clothes.

    • Sucks, no aprons…I crochet and was very excited about this pack. Not so much now, most of what was picked looks like stuff we’ve already got CC ways…

  • I wish people would have voted for stuff that doesn’t look like we already have in the game. I expected more personalized clothes. From what I remember we already have like 3 turtlenecks..

    • @Ryoko, you don’t need a crafting apron for knitting and crocheting. I belong to a Crochet and Knitting group and *nobody* in it wears aprons when working on a project! Yarn is not messy the way paints or clay are! :)

  • A little disappointed overall, but pleased that the elephant onesie made the cut because gosh do toddlers need some more clothes. I feel like there are soooo many male sweater and jacket options already and women have so few cold weather options. I just wanted a bunch of cute and personalized/ unique looking sweaters for women.

  • Only thing i like on Sims 4 is builting as there not much more even that is getting boring Sims 3 had so much more i could put so much more if i was making a game like this bug time

  • Only thing i like on Sims 4 is builting as there not much more even that is getting boring Sims 3 had so much more i could put so much more if i was making a game like this big time this Sims 4 is so boring and the more u put in games still same boring y not ask the players what they like in the games because the things me and my daughter would be great fun

  • I hate that this pack is even being made and I’m disappointed in anyone who voted for it
    When it comes out you will all realise what a mistake ea made with this pack.
    Why can’t we have something substantial rather than what will probably be an interaction with some kind of table (similar to woodworking) and the clothes will just pop straight to CAS.
    and they are terrible clothes. I’d rather just download custom content than buy this pack.
    EA doesn’t actually care about it’s community of simmers at all they are doing as little work as possible. They can’t even come up with new ideas anymore
    I love this Sims with my whole heart every version of the game from 1 to 4 to medieval.
    But they are starting to slip and it just makes me sad
    They need to hire cc creators and modders to make their packs otherwise we will get overpriced bull$hit

    • I disagree. Arts and crafts was the most useful concept from that poll by far. The issue is that the CAS items all look too similar to stuff we already have in the game – and considering that crafting cute clothing is the whole point of the pack, it’s all the more disapointing.

    • @Human being, EA does come up with new ideas, and then players complained that witches, pets, university, a beach locale, a celebrity system etc. aren’t in the game! So EA listened and provided all those things!
      No new ideas? We never had a club system like what we got in Get Together, and we never had a story-driven pack like we did with Strangerville! We also never had so many ethnic festivals as we have gotten in City Living and in some free patches (Carribean themed items, Dwali (Indian themed items) the Lunar New Year (Chinese items), etc.

      And we have never had a pack devoted to knitting before! (Nor one about tiny homes). While some of these items aren’t the ones I would pick, a lot of people love them!

  • I’m guessing the reason all of these won was because everyone had the same choices for their “eh this isn’t too bad”. I think there were 15 choices we got to pick, I see these as everyone’s 7-15 get what I mean? Everyone must’ve had different favorites but everyone had the same mediocre options. These are……wack.

    • That makes a lot of sense actually, it was a mistake to have people pick so many of them, I can see most people giving up halfway through and picking the safest ones which ended up making them the most voted ones.

      • I agree with you, seems like we already have a version of that same top I believe it was with getting famous, maybe get together? Don’t know, just know we have something like that already.

    • Yea I agree that “meh” choices likely heavily influenced what the final results were. I guess if people had just picked items they really wanted and not try to pick the total allowed amount the results may have been different.

  • Tbh I like the clothing, I’d use it a lot. But.. It’s nothing new, all of them look familiar (maybe like something we already have in the game?). And I totally disagree with the community’s opinion about the theme. Happy Haunts would be something way more interesting imo.

    • @ Jay Happy Haunts would’ve worked better as a GP. People who voted would’ve thrown fits from when it got watered down (especially since a great deal of people were talking as if they’d get all the bullet points instead of one) because SP resources are much smaller. You can’t really water down knitting in comparison to what would’ve happened to HH.

      • I totally can, Rene, because they offered Happy Haunts as a stuff pack. There’s no ‘would have’ etc because they didn’t say anything about it being a game pack. So it wouldn’t have been a game pack anyway, we have 1 about magic already

        • My point is that HH would’ve made a better GP than it would have a SP. Even if it had won there would be voters who would still be annoyed or acting as it a surprise that only one option would’ve been picked when it should be a known fact by now that the resources for SP are limited in comparison to GP and EP in TS4 and previous games. And given how TS4 is the chances of HH turning out like some commenters were thinking would be unlikely. I feel that way after reading through comments on YouTube, tumblr and fan sites where a good portion of the disgruntled HH voters were talking as if they’d get everything listed under HH instead of one and disregarding how some of the TS4 SP have been in the past.

        • @Jay, I have to agree with Rene on this! Happy Haunts had a lot of ideas that everyone wanted together. To contrast that, some people like a certain idea from the fitness pack idea but not the other ideas. For example, a lot of people wanted the Vegan trait , but nobody wanted a treadmill with a video screen since we can already put our existing treadmills in front of a TV for our Sims!

  • I don’t really like the choices there’s no clothing for young boy sims which is disappointing as it’s leaving a huge chunk out of sexism in the clothing category

  • I mean, it could have been worse I guess. At least men didn’t get totally ignored, but I wish a few of the women’s items would have been put to the side for more for children and toddlers, especially boys since they got nothing at all. Instead of just picking the top 15 most voted items, they should have picked the top voted items across each age group and each gender.

    • @Susie, that is exactly why many people didn’t pick dresses for the little girls even if they really wanted to! A lot of people I talked to purposely chose children’s items that could be worn by either boys or girls! I did the same for the toddlers as well! Didn’t pick the overall dress even though it was cute — we already have a dress like that in Cats & Dogs, and a dress isn’t useful for boys. I love that the onesie made the cut!!! :) Would have also loved the toddler pants and the toddler sweater with the hood as well!

  • Almost all of it are items I didn’t wanted. Some of them because are kind of similar to things we already have. I love that hat because I have one exactly the same in real life, but I didn’t vote for it because I don’t use this type of hats in game because I don’t like how they look on sims. I’m kind of dissapointed, but I’m giving all my hopes to the build/buy items :)

  • I totally agree with the person who said these are probably all the “meh”/secondary options from peoples lists, because clearly that’s the mathematical average, and that’s why all of them feel so easily passable and blah, rather than all the more random top picks that didn’t line up. I mean, just looking at the reactions in the comments you can tell no one had the same top 10 in their list. I too was hoping for some aprons and unique items, for my top picks, and didn’t pick a single kids outfit, but here we are.

  • Well honestly most of what I voted for wasn’t picked… but well I also didn’t vote for the knitting pack so maybe that’s a bit of karma.
    What I however don’t understand is that the llama hat wasn’t picked, like come on the llama is almost if not so iconic to the Sims as the Goth family.
    That’s truly disappointing. I really like those recurring themes….
    PS: if anything is spelled wrong or not logically structure wise, I’m sorry English is not my first language.

  • I was really hoping for the pink and yellow apron/dress the grandma was wearing in the photo for the 2nd vote. I wanted more fun quirky clothes for the men and women since it seems to match the concept for DIY delight

  • It’s so wonderful to see that the Menswear ghetto is alive and well, there’s nothing really for the old folks, and the kids got nothing again…

    • I see some outfits for elders in this! All of the men’s clothes and some of the women’s clothes are what real elderly people wear! Just not the white tank top nor the floral miniskirt (unless that ends up being not too short). ;-)

  • These packs are becoming more and more of a let down for this game. Didn’t vote for like any of this stuff and personally, knitting is lame. 15 items for a single pack?? Shoot. go back to sims 3 packs where you got several items. I can not believe this

  • Such anger young Skywalker. I’m not super impressed with Sims 4 as a whole. I find it unplayable without mods (thanks everyone for all you do. Some heroes don’t wear capes, they mod them for other people lol). Does this stop me from giving EA my dollars? Nope, my kids love it and I actually seem to perversely enjoy downloading, organizing, and fixing custom content even though I swear and stress about it. I missed the other two rounds of voting and I really don’t care what anyone picks. You pick it, I’ll buy it. *shrug* Way she goes.

    • I can’t do anything else than agree with you. even if I said that clothes are ugly as f, I will buy it as soon as it’s released. Fan since the very first one, we are so many in this case. They know they can count on us. We’re doomed lol (loved the sentence with the cape btw)

  • I don’t think they actually used customer votes, I think they just want us to believe it was the users who chose. But based on every single comment I’ve seen no one voted for most of these because we basically have them already.

  • Hey people, it was a vote! Cant make everyone happy. I get really tired of people being hard on the creators.

  • I wish we would have been able to have new hairs too and 15 items if you look at the first stuff packs they ever made you can tell they have well over 15 cas items this is not worth 10 dollars

  • I wish we would have been able to have new hairs too and 15 items if you look at the first stuff packs they ever made you can tell they have well over 15 cas items this is not worth 10 dollars why EA why