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The Sims 4’s 9th Expansion Pack is in the Final Stage of Production

The Sims 4’s upcoming Expansion Pack seems to be nearly finished!

EA Careers website has updated their website with some new job listings, and included in those listings are two new job positions looking for Voice Editors to help ship the upcoming expansion pack for The Sims 4!

The listing is looking for a Voice Editor who will be working in a 2 months term to help finalize voices and audio for the next Expansion Pack.

The Maxis Studio of Electronic Arts is seeking a Voice Editor to join the Audio team and help ship an upcoming expansion pack for The Sims 4.

The ideal candidate should have experience delivering final quality audio either from a brief or starting with placeholder sounds in software. Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work within technical limitations to deliver quality audio are essential. It’s also important that the candidate understands the role of audio in video games; and can create final content to best effect the player experience.


This isn’t the only scenario where a Voice Editor job listing predicted that a new Expansion Pack is close to being announced. Back in July 2019 we’ve posted about the Voice Editor Job Listing and predicted that an Expansion Pack would be coming our way by the end of 2019. Just a few months after in October 2019 – Discover University was announced!

If we could predict the time when The Sims 4’s 9th Expansion Pack could be announced – it would either be sometime during summer or even late spring – at EA Play 2020.

What do you think the next Expansion Pack is all about? Let us know in the comments!

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  • It is probably the long awaited farming pack. I doubt they would choose another theme after starting to answer the community’s expectations with university. It is a solid seller after all.

      • Long as by spooky you mean werewolves, I’m all for it. (though I’d prefer a werewolf game pack, so they can go as in depth with them as they did with vampires)

        • I had talked about something like that on the forum page; Realm of Mythical Creatures. I had accidentally put mod instead of expansion pack in the details tho. XD

          • I wish they would add a few things to CAS, such as body hair (as they had in Sims 3, not only chest hair but leg and arm hair too), and more beard/mustache optjons than the few they have (some of us have different styles than those reflected). Different jewelry would also be nice. Maybe a new craft could be made so jewelry could be made and gifted/sold and actually used. Probably not going to happen, but would be nice.

        • I’d Prefer a Hotel expansion pack! making New Job opportunities plus being able to build your own Hotel or B&B

        • I hope it’s a landlord/hotel/or Airbnb expansion. We can can stay at cabins etc in vacation world.. would be really awesome to own our own and rent it out.

          & Realm of magic isn’t spoopy, just dope! And honestly the stuff pack is a bit disappointing, there just isn’t a lot of items.

        • I second that why we need more spooky witchy stuff….like I really don’t care for that we already have like 3 add ons for that type of stuff….ea please move on

        • I agree. Dont care for vamps witches etc. I would like to c expansion pack like generations but make more realistic. More care due for babies. Baby showers where guests actually bring gifts. If parent not living with child pay child support. Paper route forchild and teens. Teens get pregnant woohoo. Have it to where have to buy things like diapers dish detergent graceries. When someone dies. Have a service get inheritances. Etc. Just make it more real. Wuld add to the difficulty too

          • @Rhonda, while I love supernatural, I also agree with you that we need more packs like Generations! :)

            However, I doubt the paper route would be a thing nowadays since a lot of people don’t even read newspapers , or else they read them online.

            Also, EA would never make teen woohoo or teen pregnancy a thing in the game as that would raise the age rating. It simply isn’t allowed if they want to keep it the same rating!

      • Yep im with you there, gotta be something spoopy and for anyone not having heard that word, why are you not watching Scooby Doo?

      • i am sort of on your side but i just accept whatever they give us i dont like saying like “GIVE ME THIS PACK” since it makes me feel like i am pressuring them so i just accept anything and find ways to have fun with them. and we already have gardening so farming i dont see the point of.

    • I think the same. Farming is really anticipated by the community and would be really fun! Although there was some speculation about a music pack which I wouldn’t be too mad about either.

      • Hi be nice to take them food shopping in supermarket or better a shopping mall with wallpaper shops and pet shops clothes shopping and toy shopping even jewelry and ice parlour even arcades and pub be great addition along with cars and horses also when adopting unneatured pets instead of all being mainly neautured when going on adopt not much option. Lots can add into game be great with extra wallparers and carpet shops or diffrent products from the catalogue and making lands bigger to buy to build on increasing the map and population of residents dont really see no stray dogs either which arnt neautured on the ps4 that is. Look forward to better and more add ons

      • I’d like a Farming pack. I didn’t want University, and I can’t say I’m impressed with Vampires either. I’d like a range of hobbies and interests though, perhaps we could have more sports? Adapt the worlds to include a few more lots in each of varying sizes, not so bothered about bunk beds, but diagonal stairs, or curved ones, even spirals would be awesome! Please do not try and speak for me, you are most definitely NOT on my wavelength.

        • I’m above your wavelength apparently, because a farming pack simply isn’t going to happen. They expanded gardening in Seasons, and the amount of work and money that would go into something like animating horses this late in the game wouldn’t be worth it. Plus, the open world in TS3 is really what allowed that to work. Maybe a stuff pack, if anything.

          I wouldn’t have said anything if it wasn’t for your attitude. Smart.

      • Plenty of people want a farming pack, I know I’d much prefer it over supernatural stuff (which they’ve already made at least 2 packs for). I’d like to see them add actual farm animals for once. Still sad they didn’t include horses in the Sims 4. Sims 3 Pets was the besttttt.

      • @Rae Lowery, the knitting pack is a Stuff Pack, not an Expansion Pack! Stuff packs are much smaller and have little added gameplay, as they are mostly just stuff. (Examples would be the Move Hangout SP or the Tiny Living SP) Expansion Packs are a lot more extensive and have lots of gameplay elements. (Examples would be the Seasons EP or the Discover University EP). ;-)

    • I’m pretty sure they went as far as they’re going to go with gardening in the Seasons expansion. I loved horses in TS3, but it was the open world that really allowed it. And that would be a ton of animation work this late in the game…

  • Food Pack, Sports Pack, Decoration Pack, Mall Pack, A new Vacation Pack, Waterpark Pack, More Worlds Pack. I mean literally there’s so much more to come out with.

    • I wish the would do pack with stuff from the 60s all the way to the 90s life they did with a previous sims game when they did the 70s 80s and 90s pack

      • eh retro pack would be epic, especially with wall phones, or anything like that. Plus I just need a freaking Escalator that’s all I cares about really so I can add that to my Mall that I’ve corrected under the name 2 Rainbows Mall

        • and that’s it, gotta do more than just the 60s. Hell they gotta do a lot more than thinking about moving onto Sims 5. There’s so many more packs that still haven’t been made yet.

  • Not sure what this new EP will be. I wouldn’t mind a farming pack but they need to make the world as big as windenburg and include horses. A pack like that would also be good for those who play with historical sims, historical challenges or legacies. I really hope they do an amusement park stuff pack including roller coasters obviously. I also hope they bring werewolves back. They could probably attach fairies with them as a game pack. But I do hope they do a better job like with vampires and not make things easy like with spellcasters.

      • Yeah, all the farm animals! Imagine your little piglets! And cows and chickens and sheep! What if it will let us shear sheep?! That’d be super fun! Then it could mix with knitting! Also, do you think they’d add horses with a farming pack? Maybe if the farm animals only had a few changeable options and then they made horses really in depth. I’d prefer that.

    • I agree because remember that one serve they had about motels and winter activities. I hope it’s that kind of theme too.

  • I really hope it’s a vacation pack. I hope they create a vacation lot type and give us some new lot traits too! It would be nice to have a hotel type and a vacation home type.

  • Honestly I would love to see the ability to make real Apartments, hotels, B&B’s that can actually be used as such. And maybe a bigger hood with destination hoods aside. I mean now that sims 5 has been announced, this might just be the last EP with maybe an SP or GP trailing behind it.

  • I would like a Sims 4 Expansion Pack as equivalent to the World Adventures in Sims 3 as they can get, if even possible. The Jungle game pack they came out with pales in comparison and was just did not have enough challenging goals or adventures, digs, tomb exploration and dangers, and no Mummies! If cheats weren’t used, Sims 3 WA had so many different game options and diverse challenges one could try to achieve or obtain, that weren’t always easy. I miss that type of gameplay when the next move is not always obvious or easy to figure out.

    • Hope that if it is a farm pack that there will be horses and I definitely hope that there will be an update or pack with improved baby’s coming and mayby also more stuff for toddlers.

  • maybe a vacation pack (like we had in the Sims 2) or something like free time or a generation pack. remember the community vote where they asked if we would like if our Sims can own a second lot, do ice skating or mountain climbing and if we like to have more relationships / group activities.

  • Ok but anyone talking about generations? You have got to admit, Parenthood was a watered down generations. I want prom and bunk beds and old peoples homes and slow dancing and go to school and possibly getting bullied but then you can get your older sibling to fight them! It’d be so much fun and so cute!

  • Would be super nice to see farming/ranch expansion. It would be cool since we already have city living. Spooky stuff is not exciting since we already have plenty of Halloween stuff, not everyone is crazy about it. Another cool idea would be hotels or apartments with new aspirations, traits, calendar stuff etc.

  • I do not want farming!!!! I could never. I wouldn’t buy it at all but it could be fun to do an into the future pack like the sims 3.

  • Let it be something I don’t get bored with real fast. More lot space. Again slow dancing for weddings and romantic dates. And good vacation spots. I made my town of Sulani a vacation spot because Granite Falls and the other one I am so done with. I might make Newcrest one least it has empty lot space.

  • Improved baby’s is what we need right now baby’s are objects is the game so we need more things to do with them like in the sims 2

    • Yessss I want them to be more real!
      I would love to be able to do things with them especially for my 100 baby challenge I want to do more than feed and change dirty diapers

    • Trust me. You’re not missing out on much- Its essentially just a bunch of recoloring of objects. I suppose the rats and hamsters were interesting though (shoulda been in pets initially tho)

  • I really hope it’s not farming. If people want simulated farming, then they should play ‘Pure Farming’, or ‘Fantasy Farming’. It’s not like they don’t have a crap ton of simulated farming games. There is already like a 100 things to plant and grow in the Sims 4. Anyone who has the game can play farmer. Just buy a giant lot, build a little farm house, a use the rest of the land to plant and grow. So, why would we need an expansion pack for something that is already doable?

    • I have to disagree with that.
      A Farming expansion is much more than creating a little house on a lot and planting around it.
      I don’t know if the Sims 4 will ever have a farming expansion, but if they did (I’d like to) it would allow you to play with other timelines besides the present one or the future, to live on what the “land gives” and disconnect from the technological world.
      It would have to have bigger lots, professions connected to the farming world, the possibility to live only of what you produce or to sell it in markets. I wouldn’t say to create animals like the dogs and cats we have now, because I don’t think that there is a need to play with the cows, chickens and pigs.
      But it would be awesome for them to exist (like hamsters) and we could feed, clean, care, collect milk, shear, eggs etc.
      Not everyone lives in the city or in the suburbs and The Sims are a great game because they allow those who play to create the world the way they want. If we have vampires why not farming?

  • I’ve been wanting a whole pregnancy thing. Like all the mood swings and cravings and the clothes and the likes. No one’s listening. Rocking chairs for pregnant mommas and new mommas. Hammocks. Haaaaasy

      • I think a medical pack would be really fun. It could include certain diseases and allergies. It also could include other fun medical stuff. I also like a the resort/hotel expansion pack. It could also include waterslides+. I really want both these ideas.

  • I just want a clutter pack!
    I know it’s probably not going to happen but I would love just a home/build pack full of clutter and furniture stuff. I love building homes and I’m kind of sick of the same 10 countertops. I know that a lot of users just download custom content, but I feel more comfortable with buying sim packs rather than downloading.

  • Whatever the pack ends up being I hope includes a new world, nothing too specialized either like an Alien world. Just a nice town with loads of lots.

  • Why do 90% of people that play The Sims basically want all of the same packs over and over again that were already in the older games?

    Don’t people want to see new and exciting things? We (the sims fans) are just paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars for what is pretty much updates in my eyes.

    We need to think more outside the box when it comes to our wants/demands for packs and come up with fresh ideas to make spending so much of our money worthwhile

    • I 100% agree! I honestly love the suspense- My DREAM pack is a Film Noir pack ❤ The entire world could be black and white- run down city, robbers and cops (firefighters?!) could FINALLY be reintroduced, playing a criminal you can *actually* commit “crimes” and get arrested, weather is super rainy all the time, and just think about all the cool decor and music!!

    • Preach! I have been trying to tell this to people but you know how it works, someone gets nostalgic and everyone jumps to the bandwagon! And it is not even quality nostalgia, I mean, they don’t even talk about actual gameplay like wants&fears, hobbies, memories, attraction, etc… they are like “give me cars, we don’t even care if we can’t drive them around, we don’t care if they aren’t properly animated, we don’t care if we can’t even open the car door like we could in the sims 2, just give us the expansion of the goddamn cars”

  • I would love a farming pack. I’ve been wanting pumpkins (for gardening) to be back in the game. lol
    Plus new animals would be great, and country themed cas/buy/build mode items would be cute.

  • I want generations! No farming nothing supernatual. More family gameplay. Stuff for kids and teens like sleepovers and prom. More stuff for elders like canes. Bring back midlife crisis. Oh and strollers i miss strollers. Sorry generations was my favorite sims 3 pack and Id love to have it again. Parenthoods not enough. And the stuff packs for toddlers and kids didnt provide enough game play. And elders are completely forgotten

  • Or perhaps something in Space like a twist between star wars star gate and Star trek different worlds and aliens and even a ship…

  • I personally think it may be a resort/winter sport pack based on the questions we had to answer in that survey a while back.

    • those questions were literally stating that they were some ideas for improving *PAST* expansions.
      winter sports for seasons, resorts for island living. do you even read?!

      • Uh, no? The poll made it obvious that those were separate things. They never suggested they give us those features as free updates but they asked the very general question of which packs we’d like to be updated. In my opinion the winter resort pack is definitely happening.

        • I wholeheartedly agree. With all that information from us simmer they could use it for a new expansion. I’m hoping for a new lot type and a mountain world that can be used for summer activities and winter activities. I’m kinda hoping for water slides…

    • I think, too, that the questions on winter sports were for the rest of the story, it was very targeted. I do not see, why, they would have asked such specific questions, if not for a future release that concerns the game Sims4. But, that perhaps after another, nothing indicates it, but the mountains are on the horizon…

  • Half of the things you guys are asking for there are mods that accomplish those wants. Only thing that is not modded is farming and driving. I prefer driving or a nice vacation spot.

    • Icemunmun has farm stuff! A chicken coop and a few animals. All I can remember clearly is that there are pigs. They also have tons of custom foods you can plant/grow. Corn, pumpkins, etc. There’s really too many to list. :)

  • Maybe something with cars? At least a stuff pack with cars. All I want is to be able to custom color things like I could in sims 3.

  • Can we get some driveable cars? I dont know about yall but is we could get Sims4 like Grand theft auto a little that would be fantastic. I mean I want to go to stores, have my friends from around the world in my house, create cars, still build my houses and work like we are now. I need some more out if sims

  • You all are forgetting about the elders! I dont think we need an expansion pack on them but a game pack would be nice or stuff pack like the kids and toddlers stuff pack. They are left out and so are teenagers, which is disappointing.

  • i believe it was in the sims 3 that there was horses. i would 100% be ok with another pack like that!! we need some barn animals

  • Please have a rock band expansion at some point. Where you start as an underground band and try to become big and also have opportunities arise where you can be offered to be poached away by a more established group you can choose to stay or join. Obviously there would be risk for both. That’s just one idea for it Im sure there’d be even more cool ideas for the band expansion

    • Im def on board for a Battle of the Bands type pack! I think it’d make a real sick gamepack tho- drums electric guitars (that amp from that moschino? pack can actually be an amp lol), bass and cowbells xD (instruments in general), punk cas, stadiums, ragers(new dances!), tour buses, garages, band mates and rivals competitions, the whole shabang!

  • I wish we could have resorts and hotels. Farming would be cool but would rather have hotels. No more spooky magic related crap for now please.

  • I don’t understand how and why people even want features like Cars (in a game you don’t have open world for good reasons). How can you people not see that cars will not be any more than garden decorations?! Snap out of it already! Cars make no sense in the sims 4.

    I don’t understand how people even miss the sims 3 cars which didn’t even have proper animations. Do you really want your sims to magically teleport in the car and then teleport on the road? The Sims 2 cars were much better even if we didn’t have open world back then. At least those cars were properly animated, you could open their doors, drive them in and out the garage etc.

    For me, it is always QUALITY > anything else. Quality matters.
    Do we even need any more half-baked features in the sims 4, seriously? Look at how they delivered ponds, underwater areas, mermaids… they all suck. If they won’t make it right, I’d rather see them make nothing at all.