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The Sims 4’s 9th Expansion Pack is in the Final Stage of Production

The Sims 4’s upcoming Expansion Pack seems to be nearly finished!

EA Careers website has updated their website with some new job listings, and included in those listings are two new job positions looking for Voice Editors to help ship the upcoming expansion pack for The Sims 4!

The listing is looking for a Voice Editor who will be working in a 2 months term to help finalize voices and audio for the next Expansion Pack.

The Maxis Studio of Electronic Arts is seeking a Voice Editor to join the Audio team and help ship an upcoming expansion pack for The Sims 4.

The ideal candidate should have experience delivering final quality audio either from a brief or starting with placeholder sounds in software. Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work within technical limitations to deliver quality audio are essential. It’s also important that the candidate understands the role of audio in video games; and can create final content to best effect the player experience.


This isn’t the only scenario where a Voice Editor job listing predicted that a new Expansion Pack is close to being announced. Back in July 2019 we’ve posted about the Voice Editor Job Listing and predicted that an Expansion Pack would be coming our way by the end of 2019. Just a few months after in October 2019 – Discover University was announced!

If we could predict the time when The Sims 4’s 9th Expansion Pack could be announced – it would either be sometime during summer or even late spring – at EA Play 2020.

What do you think the next Expansion Pack is all about? Let us know in the comments!

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  • You guys how do you not know its the knitting pack we have been doing servays for fer the last fucking month or more there not any farming pack so get over it no one wants farming an if you do to bad there way better shit they could do them take farmvills idea from facebook. Your guys idea range if sad an lame

    • It was listed for an upcoming EXPANSION pack, not a stuff pack. You don’t know what the pack is just like the rest of us don’t know. Quit crapping other people’s wants. People have different reasons for wanting different things for this game. There are all kinds of summers in this community. God, you’re ignorant.

    • Your spelling is atrocious. Your language is unneeded, and last your ignorance is showing. None of us know what is coming, and no one should be judged for wanting something to happen!

    • I’m just saying ur dumb because the knitting pack is a stuff pack and it’s really mean to swear at people maybe your are the one that needs to brush up on ur knowledge

    • The knitting is the new stuff pack. There will be a new stuff, game, and expansion pack. Since this comment was posted last month I will take it that you know this by now.

    • The knitting pack is a stuff pack, this is a new expansion pack. There’s also gonna be a new game pack.

  • Hoping for a game pack that adds in the missing ages, frees the babies, and gives more option to the elders think great elders. Brings in, end of life, for sims activities. like wills their inventory to a certain sim, the maid! Imagine lol But also, details the different family connections enriches the family and relationship experiences and gives better story progression over the worlds. My elders die of old age before the grand kids are teens, in most cases. I want to see farming as well and would love to see a Sims 4 werewolf and seriously some kind of car pack would be great!

  • Definitely agree with the people going for farming stuff , thers plenty spooky packs out there already ,if it’s not enough download extreme violence mod or angel of death and there might be even more idk , but there’s no mod for farming

    • I could have swore they said, something completely new that has never been done before. And that it’s basically done already.

      • i think they said that the next game pack is going to be something completely new. if i remember correctly, that infers the new expansion pack will be similar to a previous one. vacations maybe?

  • I not interested in Farming or anything supernatural or spooky. I want a beautiful world with lots it lots & wonderful new building stuff. More personality traits to make our Sims more interesting, more jobs you can go to with your sim, more everyday places you can visit with your sims, like shops, cinema etc.

  • Honestly not a fan of the farming idea, or the spooky/supernatural, BUT I have been fortunate enough with University, Island Living, and Seasons. I don’t really know what I want it to be. I kind of hope it is something completely different and unexpected.

  • No more supernatural packs!!!!! I would love to see something similar to sims 3 generations, where we have more detailed life events for toddlers, kids, teens, and elders. Things like going to prom, having slumber parties, funerals, bachelor/bachelorette parties, family reunions, etc. that would all make storytelling so much more in-depth.

    • You mean Parenthood? It’s not bad and the traits you can earn along with the parenting skill add a lot of complexity and detail.

  • No dumb farming! Like no other sims did a whole farm expansion they had point thing if u wanted farm stuff. Make a real supernatural pack! Fairies werewolves unicorns real witches nit dumb spell casters! Maybe even a reaper career! Yasss

    • So play the f***ing witcher! This is a life simulator, it simulates life. Do you see unicorns running around? If you do, see a doctor

      • Not trying to be in your business or anything but, why do you have to be so rude. I pretty sure he or she knows it’s a simulator Game. It’s a kid friendly Game don’t be rude about it.. He or She was just curious.

  • I didnt even know we had anew expansion pack coming out i only knew of the knitting stuff pack omg someone shine some light on this for me i need more info

  • I would love to see an expansion that adds romantic attraction, rather than having to rely on mods for it. Even just adding personality likes and dislikes, similar to TS2. Or even that steps up dates a little bit or varies the rewards

  • I really want a medieval kind of pack with royals and castle and nights and stuff like that. I loved the sims medieval but i want to add that into the sims 4

  • The ‘Farming Simulator’ series on Steam does a great job of immersing you in the world of the farmer. A Sims 4 expansion pack will give you some new vegetables, a couple of new animals, maybe some machinery [maybe] and a load of unrelated clothes, household items and the like. Lots have been getting smaller as the game has evolved…for a farming expansion they need at least 64×64 lots, otherwise it’s a waste of time.

  • I would love for the Sims 4 Creators to create an expansion pack based on Travelling. Not Jungle Adventure or Outdoor Retreat something much more original like traveling around the world. Paris Spain or Even Rome.

    I would love an expansion pack like that with new jobs of becoming a travel agent or a stewardess or even a pilot.

    With new aspiration of travelling the world. But also trying the cuisine they got to offer

    • This sounds amazing! I would definitely buy into this! Another career track could be along the travel blogger lines. Maybe it could expand on the existing worlds, depending on which expansion and game packs you already have. Then a beginner blogger has a few “local” areas to visit. As they get more views/visits, they can start to travel “internationally” into the new worlds that a Travel Expansion Pack would bring. Aspirations could be learning new languages, visiting every museum, trying new cuisines, learning to cook new cuisines, etc. Unlocked items could be cultural from the places that are visited/challenges completed there. An opportunity to study abroad via Discover University, add on something like International Restauranteur, International Law, etc for Careers. Oh the possibilities!

  • You know what’s REALLY missing in Sims is Mining – we have Mining in Minecraft, Terraria, Roblox – the list goes on! It’s time to send our teens and young adults into the mines!

  • Please be farming and yes use cattle and all the farm animals. if people want to complain they can use other alternatives. Please be farming.

  • Call it an unpopular opinion but I’d love to see a sims/zoo tycoon type collab for an expansion pack. Allowing sims to own exotic animals and become zoo keepers. Or something along the lines.

  • I love all the people here who actually think they’re going to listen to us. If it’s farming, it’s going to be three barely furnished houses, a chicken coop that acts like the rodent cages, and maybe a cow. I refuse to get my hopes up.

  • I’m a story creator with Sims and I wish there were other careers that we could follow in the game. I was very disappointed with Universidades and not having a teaching career to accompany my Sims and being able to give more realism to my stories without resorting to mods.

    • There are three careers with University including Educator, but you have to finish your degree to use them. Checkout carl’s sim guide for more details on how to actually achieve it.

  • I believe I have alone seen one comment about a futuristic expansions. But as per the sims recent update as of April, they said that no one has guessed the expansion yet. It’s also a “surprise” and apparently something that has NEVER been done before, so that cancels out a lot of people’s guesses already.

    I’m excited, hoping it’s a space themed expansions. Already have the base for it in the sims with aliens and building a rocket ship. Either way I’ve been playing for years and am 100% ready for something new and surprising.

  • To all the people asking for a farming pack: that’s largely covered by seasons already. That is more a stuff pack type feature.

    I don’t know what theme I want for the next pack after the disappointment of cats&dogs, but I do wish there was a tradition at the studio to add a new item or feature once a year to old expansion and game packs. Not only would it increase value based on feedback, it could give them potential revenue boosts on old packs. For example, I would end my protest of the pack within the pack and buy the my first pets pack if the cats&dogs pack was actually worth it. I see four potential items that could make it playable either alone or together:

    1. Add cats to the pet training skill since they have no love at the moment. (easiest)
    2. Don’t make pets you can’t interact with take up the active playable sims spots, track those separately so pets add rather than take away potential gameplay. Right now you have to choose pets or family and can’t really fit both.
    3. Fix pet automation or add pet careers (at least a celebrity pet option or chasing off burglars) to make pets do actually interesting things like interact with each other and have chances to show their personality.
    4. Allow people to run their vet clinic out of their home so they can do cat / dog rescue storylines (second easiest)

    All of the packs already have a lot of content and adding just a little more would make them truly shine. They could even add life states to packs that make sense:
    – Vampires: Werewolves (rival faction)
    – Realm of Magic: Zombies (evil magician / necromancer ability to raise dead and the good can put them to rest)
    – Seasons: Actual Plantsims (Most of the coding already exists and it would only need a little refinement, the ice cream could just stay a temporary but now polished life state)

    Knowing that feedback will be listened to and potentially incorporated if the pack is lacking in some way would give me more trust in future expansions and more likely to buy everything I can. What do you guys think?

  • Ik hoop heel erg dat het een paarden pakket wordt, of anders een boerderij pakket met paarden. Ik mis paarden in de Sims 4! In Sims 3 zaten ze wel… :(

  • I feel like a nostalgic pack would be awesome. Bring back stuff from the sims 1 (maybe like the old houses and neighborhoods with the same people) or like a everything they are missing from sims 2. Stoner thought so bare with me

  • Just wishing they would revamp City Leaving … was really wish we could build our own apartment complexes from the ground up! :(

  • I would really LOVE TO PLAY MORE if the “ANIMATIONS” and “SMALL LITTLE DETAILS”will be back pleasee why did you removed it it will be more likely if it stayed because it is like true to life the ways how we do itpleasee

  • TL;DR: your expectations for sims packs are way to high and unrealistic.

    Excuse me. Looking through the comments, y’all are expecting some UNREALISTIC things. Please remember that making a pack requires a lot of time, people, and most of all, Money. The sims can’t just churn out packs for you. Some things I saw here were honestly pretty silly

    1. There probably won’t be a farm pack. Sorry if this is to harsh but it seems like the sims isn’t going to add it. Despite people wanting it from the beginning of the game, they have not made it, which in my opinion makes it pretty clear what they are saying.

    2. No, they are not going to make more ages. No, they aren’t not going to add a pack with people from sims. No, they aren’t going to make werewolves. I’m sorry but your expectations are WAAAY to high! The sims is concentrated on keeping the game alive! They don’t have time to add pre-teens!

    Sorry guys. But it’s just not gonna happen! I know that i might not be right, but you have to be more realistic! I’m sorry if you found this rude but someone needs to say it.

  • You should get the sam sims things and houses in a new world like in The Regular Sims Complete Collection. Its sad i cant find any sims complete collections or any anwhere. Any Idea where i could find some or digitally buy?

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