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The Sims 4 Community Voted Stuff Pack: Round Four Results

SimGuruNinja has revealed the results from the fourth round of voting for the upcoming Community Voted Stuff Pack!

If you are not sure what the Community Stuff Pack is all about, you can find out more here.


Okay, Simmers, take a seat in your new rocking chair and get ready for the results of Round 4 of our Community Voted Stuff Pack for The Sims™ 4! For this round, we presented you with over one hundred objects to pick from. Together, you chose which style of rocking chair will appear in the game and narrowed the selection down to your twenty-eight favorite objects. Of these, some are normal items you can find in the Build/Buy catalog, but many will be craftable by your Sim as they level up their Knitting Skill. To do that, they’ll need a knitting basket, and because the vote for the knitting basket was so close, we’ve decided to give you two baskets.

See what the final decisions were now!

With this round completed, we’re almost finished voting on the components of this next Stuff Pack. Now that we’ve determined the theme (Arts & Crafts), art style (DIY Delight), CAS choices, and objects you can expect to see in the game, we have just two things left: the pack icon and name!

We’ll have more details about those soon, so keep an eye out for updates in the coming month or two!

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Hey, I'm Krista! Long time Simmer and Sims Community Staff. You'll find me knitting a collection of Lil' Grim's because why not?


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  • Not bad. Much better than the CAS vote, I’ll say that. I do wish a few more craftable items could have made it in. Overall, not too bad.

  • Great items. I could do with less clutter and more playable objects, but I like everything that made it. Loving all the toys.

  • I wish we could have gotten less clutter and more actually craftable items. They had some really good stuff in the initial vote. I kind of wish those 3 decor plush items could be changed into actual toys. As it stands, only there are only 2 toys, which is a bit disappointing when knitted bunnies have been advertised with this pack since the beginning.

  • So happy with this we so need more clutter in game i get fed up useing the same things after all theres years. More so when you dont have cc on ps4. We need more every day clutter. Cups. glasses. Plates. More little plants. But yayayay ceiling plants.

  • Thanks I hate it

    Hopefully craftable items had their own, separate vote tally, because this is pretty abysmal.

    I was looking forward to knitting (RIP normal telescopes, tho), but every vote has been disappointment after disappointment. The style. The CAS. Now the items.

    Dunno why they can’t give these community SPs a slightly higher budget, just to be a LITTLE more forgiving. (I mean, I KNOW why, and that reason is EA, but I’m just complaining here)

  • Very happy to see the tiny Reaper doll made it in. Gotta see how final gameplay turns out, though, because that’s…not a lot of craftables I see.

    • Yeah I’m concerned about the craft able numbers too since it’s such a main focus of the pack. Well it’s officially no longer a “granny” pack after CAS. Hopefully there are several color variants for the craftables like the bear.

    • Yeah that one was cute. I think, if I remember correctly, a cc creator is going to create it as part of the missed opportunity community project.

  • just as long as there’s a wide range of decoration pieces so I can continue to use throughout my builds that’s all that matters. Plus would be great when you create a lot you can set to City, Country or Vacation. So when you build in one of the larger lots you can set it to City so everyone can move around like its a City instead of labeling one spot as Café or Gym just for your Sims to show up.

  • You people have terrible taste. I hate this voting crap. Getting to see good things I cant get bc other people have no taste and like stupid things. Yes, I am selfish but most people are and I don’t care about others opinions so go ahead and waste your time telling me off, I won’t read it. :) also knowing this comment will anger people makes me feel better about being angry that you people voted for a stupid pack and stupid things. Yay.

    • I don’t think they’ve made that announcement but will likely follow the same timeline like laundry. However with the virus around it may be pushed back.

  • the more i look at what was chosen, the more angry i get…no lamps? like at all? the lamp with the yarn inside would have made the pack! and no 1×1 table? we didnt need so much clutter damnit! 1 door when the other where so pretty im so beyond sad and upset right now this is stupid and i wont use any of this.

  • So happy with this we so need more clutter in game i get fed up useing the same things after all theres years. More so when you dont have cc on ps4. We need more every day clutter. Cups. glasses. Plates. More little plants. But yayayay ceiling plants.