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The Sims Team releases a 6 month Roadmap for The Sims 4

Many simmers are wondering about what should we expect next in the world of The Sims 4! Although The Sims Team’s latest blog post doesn’t reveal any specifics regarding the themes of the upcoming content, they did clarify the Pack types that we should expect, as well as some behind the scenes information of the development. Check it out!

Hey all, SimGuruDuke here writing to you from the modified guest bedroom in my house, which now doubles as my home office. It works out, though, since I’m not expecting any guests for the time being. The changes over the last few weeks have been hard on all of us, and I want to take a moment and share some updates about The Sims™ 4 with all of you.

First off, for those wondering, our entire team transitioned to work from home the week of March 16. This has been a big shift, but we are all so excited about the future content we are building that we have been pushing through and continuing to make progress! Things have been a bit slower with all of our kids and animals demanding attention throughout the day, but as always, we are here to make sure The Sims 4 is functioning whenever you want to play. With that in mind, I thought I might give you a little preview of what you can expect from us over the next six months.

We are currently hard at work on the new Community Voted Stuff Pack. I know, of course we are…. I can’t tell you its name, because we have not voted on that yet, but I saw the list of options last week, and I have no idea which one you all will choose. I’m anxious to find out. That pack is really coming together and it has been great having all of your input to help shape it.

In addition to the Stuff Pack, we are also hard at work on our next Expansion Pack. I’m super excited about the theme the team has chosen—I think it will be a surprise to many of you. The team has also been hard at work on some new surprise additions we plan to bring to the game over the summer. They are not massive changes, but they are pretty cool ones that I think you will have a ton of fun with. Another group on our team is currently focused on our next Game Pack. This pack is a major first for us, and we are super eager to share it with all of you later this year.

Lastly, we have been working on some fun ways to Stay Home and Play Together. No, we are not doing multiplayer. We want to help our community of players connect with each other (and us!) in this time of social distancing. As part of that, we Gurus want a chance to share more with you. We are not ready to spill all the details, but I am thrilled about it, and you will get more info soon.

I want all of you to know that our team is still very much focused on building out new experiences for the game and ensuring we continue to grow and expand The Sims as we listen to all of you, our players. Thanks for playing, and be safe!

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  • Okay, but when are console players going to get the sale that PC/Mac has had for weeks? We are also quarantined and would appreciate equality. Why wasn’t this addressed?

        • EA is not in control of Origins sales.. like PS4 and XboxOne, Origin is a gaming platform. All sales are dependent on the platform in which you utilize and sales of said games are at the discretion of the platform generally.

      • Thank you for expressing how I feel! I’ve been hiding my true identity for so many years because the fear of being judged, but they way you you were just so blunt and confronted me about being a peach it made me realize screw what other people think because I AM A PEACH!

      • I am really excited to see what will come next and for the new objects of us, the community rating to try out and have fun with.
        But I really have a big dream for sims. I am afraid it won’t come with sims 4 but maybe as a sims 5 a multiplayer game. Maybe a server where everyone could connect with one of their sims of the Galery and just have fun with others and a chat box. That would be very cool. I am playing sims since sims 1 and THIS is one of my biggest dreams. I would even love to help develop it. Maybe if a lot of people reeeeally wish for it, then it may become true one day. ❤️ okay thats all I wanted to say. Have fun playing sims and stay well! Greets to our great Gurus.

        • I think, I somewhere read about that they want to add a Multiplayer feature to Sims 5. I’m like 80% sure about it. I would love this too, just to play a family together with my friends :D

    • i asked @simgurulegacy and she was just like they had a sale in February YET that wasn’t when lockdown was. I’m not paying full price whilst pc don’t have to.

        • I’ve already got the game ty for asking tho, I’m asking about a university pack. Mind ur own business just cause you lot get a sale l

          • EA is not in control of Origins sales.. like PS4 and XboxOne, Origin is a gaming platform. All sales are dependent on the platform in which you utilize and sales of said games are at the discretion of the platform generally. I never buy sales, too impatient. Always full price since Sims 1.

    • yes. I agree. we don’t get packs until like at least a month later! I enjoy sims but it would be soooo much better if we got our packs as soon as PC and Mac

    • They don’t decide when the sales are it’s companies like Xbox or PlayStation that decide. They had a sale in February.

    • I’ve had a sale on game and expansions for weeks just like the PC sale… The only reason I know about it is because I don’t own realm of magic. Maybe you own everything? There isn’t a sale on stuff packs Thom

    • Ps4 is having a sale rn, the sims 4 packs may be on sale by the 15th and they’ll be new stuff on sale. If not? Idk switch over to PC/mac.

    • I know that Ps4 is having a sale rn, the Games on there Are changing, just wait until the 15th PlayStation should probably add it on the list. If not, then you should have been switched over to PC/mac a long time ago. You don’t get the full experience on ps4 or Xbox.

  • Im so curious about the new expansion pack. A singer carrer woud be cool cuz they were asking for a voice actor so im curious.

    • Lol sure, exciting…. sometime in the very vague next 6th months. Could be next week, could be in month 5! Have fun!

    • Go to purchase the bundle it will deduct the price of C&D and only charge you the $10 for the stuff pack. This was listed on the Sims website.

  • Please add in baby items and being able to carry around your baby it’s quite annoying when you have to stay in the same spot and like add strollers and toddler cribs and baby cribs

  • That’s really nice hope you put burglars back…. Cause right now Sims 4 is only a 2 year olds game…..

    A burglar come from 2000
    Why change the way Sims was then…
    Yess grafics may change cool…
    But I mean really

    In real life think for yourself

    Do you get vampires or burglars

    That’s a lame excuse

    Invasion of space ohhhh please…. If there is cheats then you can just cheat money and by a new thing….

    Or if you want achievements just go to work more on the game….

    You lost my 5 star when you took out the burglars

  • The sims 3 it was better we had open neighborhood and cars basically it was all better you had to kee all those things and make sims 4 or 5 or whatever much much amazing!!!

  • We’re locked down also. The Sims for could do withore appliances and other interactive items…as it kind of lacks.

  • I’m excited! Whatever we get, I’m hoping for some random events (like meteors, haha) and maybe a slow dancing interaction for couples?

  • add more Vacation spots, more Go To Work places, Larger amount of decoration items, more food/beverage concepts like “make a pizza”. Lets get some skateboards in these game already. Be able to go back to college as many times as you want. Spiral staircases, Escalators, and perhaps motorized scooters.

  • I really hope their is going to be horses or at least a farm pack with horses in it. Horses have been the best thing ever in the sims, in my opinion. And I would absolutely be thrilled if you could add them to the sims 4 ❤️

  • Sad because for PS4 players it will be around 7-8 months… for example Island living came 1 month after the release on mac to ps4. step up your game ea, console players are waiting

  • I really hope a decently designed werewolf feature is going to be included here somewhere. Actual werewolves like the statue you can buy for a lot, with raw meat as the only food option, and hunting deer for said raw meat, scenting emotional states to know how a turning bite or vampire feed attempt will pan out on this particular person, a howl that will scare invading vampires and thieves away from a lot, commanding growls that can stop naughty pets and greater training prowess with any animal, increased speed in stages, longer lasting energy bar, strength in stages, etc. Something actually useful and fun for the game just like the new vamps and other life states.