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The Sims 4’s Future Cube is giving cryptic hints about Upcoming Content!

Over the weekend The Sims Team started to tweet a series of letters – with each SimGuru posting one letter individually. After re-arranging the letters properly the only logical code that they seem to be sending out to us is Future Cube!

Not only that, but SimGurus have also tweeted out some of their indoor builds with almost each one having a Future Cube hidden somewhere inside of the screenshot.

Now, the most logical thing to do at this point is to check out the Future Cube myself in the game and see if there’s anything new added into it.

In case you don’t know, the Future Cube is a small object that can be found in Build Mode and it’s been present since The Sims 4’s Base Game release. It’s best known as an internal joke inside of the community as one of the most “useless” items in the Build Catalog.

To test out and see if there’s anything new added to the Future Cube I had to check out the internet archives and see what was present before with this Object. As you can see in this screenshot down below from May 2019 by TheSimsCircus, the cube only had these following interactions available:

However, it seems that two interactions have been added to the cube: Ask About The Sprites (added with Discover University) and Ask about the Future – which seems to have been added just recently.

When selecting the “Ask about the Future” interaction you get a random notification in the corner – possibly giving cryptic hints about the game’s upcoming content!

I’ve extracted all of the text strings from this newly added interaction. Check them out!

  • I see a gnome wielding a frozen rabbit riding atop a llama into battle against an udder’ly impressive foe.
  • Somebody is definitely going to get exactly what they want.
  • Self-organization will be key to a happy future.
  • Your future is… not bright, but illuminated… probably to an intensity of 0.981 candelas.
  • The threads of your future knit together in a wave of darkness.
  • Climbing to the top one rung at a time!
  • Without a doubt, that thing we talked about will come to be, as all of the signs are pointing to the answer that we agreed upon in our last discussion.
  • Your uncertainty, certainly shall become certain, under certain situations in no uncertain terms.
  • The future is soon™.
  • Your future looks pixelated.


The hints are definitely not clear about what the next content addition for The Sims 4 is all about, but it seems we’re definitely getting closer to the reveal! Stay tuned on our website for all the news and updates!

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  • .981 candelas is the brightness of 1 candle.
    Off the grid farming pack
    Udder-ly impressive foe –

  • Bands were apart of the questionnaire as well as more interactive neighbors. Those 2 things are a must. Everything else has been done

    • The survey is likely for what they’re starting to work on next, not a pack that’s almost finished. It’s already basically been leaked as a Farm/Country pack.

  • “The threads of your future knit together in a wave of darkness.”

    It’s already been talked about to have a knitting pack added.

  • Am i the only one thinking that its just the knitting stuff pack? Just think ‘knitting’ when reading the clues again..
    Just my opinion

    • Your future being bring to one candle? Is that them teasing additional developments of babies until one year old life stage?

      The darkness and knitting has to be them putting in Grim Reaper plushie.

      Ladders/or Bunk beds are the thoughts from the rung statement.

      The others I can’t link to anything speculated yet. Won’t be that enamoured with a country living pack.

      Gnome welding a frozen rabbit, Freezer Bunny on a Llama to fight a Cow Foe. Gives me like Cos-play/reenactment/gaming vibes. But these could all be red herrings and we are being trolled

      • I think you made the best guess..the candle thing was eco living..i looked up the future is soon and it’s a game developer who made the game mountaineer which is a game with mini games..that might be the new game pack that they never did before so that might be a mini game..i hope they do a future pack because I never had that for sims 3

  • Udder-ly: Milking Cows
    Self-Organization: Self Employment/Freelancing (in-game)
    Not bright, but illuminated: Off the grid? Candles? (in-game) Maybe this is a progression system with new EP, settling a new area?
    Knitting with community pack
    Top Rung: Ladders, or BUNK BEDS

    • With recent revelations, it seems Self-Organization is referring to the ability to initiate community organizing, changing the future with new, futuristic technologies.

      Still think the game pack will be farming, with cows and llamas, at least.

      Somebody getting what they want = a cheeky way to reference the eco living stuff pack response (when it focused on laundry instead of eco living).

      Not bright, but illuminated = solar power. Measuring the solar energy generated by illuminated solar panels, which will probably have to be stored if they’re going all-in on eco-technology.

      Threads of future knit together = obv. knitting pack

      Climbing to the top, one rung at a time = climbing ladder to top of bunk bed

      The thing we talked about coming to be = the expansion, stuff pack, and game pack within the 6-month road map.

      The uncertain thing and “Soon” = tomorrows teaser

      Future looks pixelated = I think this is a herring, but I also hope it’s a romance pack. lol

  • Well the knitting wave of darkness is definitely the knit pack, so I’m hopeful all of these are hints at something big! It must be something people have been talking about abt too bc it says “somebody is definitely about to get exactly what they want”….

  • Kindve a stretch but, I think the ” your future is pixelated.” comment could maybe maybe be hinting at better romance or something romance related like a new woohoo spot because when they censor things they are “pixelated”.

  • Maybe it is pizzeria, with chicago pizzas, thin crust pizzas, big pizza ovens, pulp tomatoes, several doughs that rise at the same time, toss the dough in the air.

  • “Climbing to the top one rung at a time!” Bunkbeds and ladders??? Literally gasped out loud. Please give them to us

  • They said we had 6 new packs coming from this I assume we will see
    1. Knitting (the fan vote in)
    2. A farming expansion
    3. Future pack like we had in sims 3
    4. Expecting ladders and bunk beds
    5. Possibly cars
    6. Sims 5 will be the online play with friends version … I’ve been with the sims since the start and it seems to be the same stuff released around same time so all of these are possible

    • TS5 is still in development, which is a years-long process. If they’re still hiring devs for that, I’m guessing it’s at least a year out, if not more.

  • The threads of your future knit together in a wave of darkness.

    We know we are getting a knitting pack

  • I think its mostly about the knitting pack – ‘definitely what they want, knit together, that thing we talked about, agreed upon’

  • Udderly impressive foe? … Why is it udderly instead of utterly. Is there gunna be some cows added into the game or possibly a new features with the cow plant??

  • I’ll try not to get too excited since pack after pack has done nothing but disappoint me since Get Famous.

  • So, now we know we’re getting “Eco Living” which, for the stuff pack, was described as “adopt new home technologies to help your sims with domestic responsibilities and live an eco friendly life. Potential areas include laundry (done), home technology, and solar energy. Yawn.

    I think the community organizing sounds similar to “Town Life” from the 2014/2015 survey, and I still think the llama and udder/cow comments mean we’ll at least get a farm/country game pack (which is in the 6 mo. roadmap). Unless the “collaborative makers” includes that sort of thing. Run to the top sounds like a bunk bed.

    My hype for the expansion is definitely lower than it was, but hopefully it will include those country-style features, as sustainability would logically include food production and stuff to sell at farmer’s markets. If it’s a pack of wind turbines and solar panels I’ll be bored af.

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