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OFFICIAL: The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle is the next Expansion Pack! has leaked the name and the description of the next Expansion Pack for The Sims 4 – Eco Lifestyle! Check out what the pack is about:

Ready for your Sims to impact their world? Move into a community of fellow collaborative makers in The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle Expansion Pack!* Play to change and make a difference in the new world of Evergreen Harbor. Help your new neighbors decide on a Community Space Project, reduce your eco footprint, and watch your neighborhood transform. You’ll be surprised by what happens when your Sims start making the rules.

Stay tuned on Sims Community for all the latest updates on the pack!

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  • Im trying and hoping this will be better than it sounds as its only a little leak, i was excited for country living but maybe it’ll come later. I feel like with the info they gave us, I’d be a nice game or stuff pack, almost like an add on to island living, fingers crossed.

    • Well, I like it! And they actually DID listen to the community with this EP, cause we all voted on it way back.
      And I for one was getting bored with the same formula repeated for every Sims game. They came up with something new and different this time. And I think it looks great and is likely to have some fun gameplay!!

  • Don’t have a cow man! Nor a pig, a goat or even a baby chicken. Obviously Greta Thunberg has been hired as the head of creative decisions at EA and is ready to kick us in the face with her carbon footprint. Of course this may be all a sly diversion for the “real” expansion pack. I get why people have such string opinions, I like others have been waiting desperately for an announcement of an exciting new expansion that will change the way we play Sims. Unortunatley we will just have to accept what they give us. Personally I have no interest in recycling or playing the Sims version of Parks And Recreation. But hey it could of been worse. It could have been Sims: Get Isolating.

    • Lol best comment ever I am very upset by this pack though it’s island living without mermaids basically with a new title my hubby is a games designer and even he would of come up with better and he doesn’t even play sims4 kind of disappointing I have bought every game pack to date but I don’t think I will buy this

  • I’m more of a builder and creator so I mostly care about build and CAS items lol. I’ve also never played sims 1, 2, or 3 so I have nothing to compare the current game to, I just personally wish there was a stronger fantasy element to it. I know most people prefer realistic gameplay but give me a sims version of Game of Thrones and I’d be all set! I want dragons and castles and fantasy outfits!! I understand this would probably be more of a game pack.

    So for me, the idea of a farming pack wasn’t the most exciting idea but I figured I’d be able to incorporate it into a medieval/fantasy setting. Plus the horses would be perfect for my Beauxbatons build I’m working on for Harry Potter lol. I do like sci-fi as well so perhaps I can incorporate this pack into a futuristic, post apocalyptic style! I am interested to find out what they have come up with and I know they can’t please everyone. I guess for me, I am big into eating clean and recycling but I don’t want a game about it – its like making a game about toilets – I use toilets but I don’t want to spend my time playing with one lol.

    We shall see! I am just happy to get some new items and features to play with so whether I’m geeked about the pack or not, I’m still getting it! ha

    • The Sims 3 had a world called Dragon Valley which was Medieval, but I don’t think a concept like that would transfer over to the sims 4 as nicely because you can visit all the worlds at any given time so they would need to at least be in the same time period. Maybe if we got a time traveling pack we could go into the past, but I feel like it’s easier to create the future rather than the past.

  • snooze ea this is all the same we don’t want eco living we already have a bunch of that kind of stuff we DONT WANT IT

  • Can EA hire new idea people please? Get rid of the hipsters and hire real gamers. They will tell you what we really want.

    • Seriously! 20 year player here and I can give lists upon lists of simple improvements and ideas

  • We already have a bunch if outdoor packs… we want an EXPANSION PACK like the sims 3 generations…. I love the sims 4 but we already have so much outdoor stuff and young adult stuff…. we want stuff for elders and teen stuff and children stuff and toddler stuff and make babies not objects. Every simmer would love a generations pack….

  • The Sims 4 is so meh at this point, I really thought they’d be adding new stuff more frequently like when they patched in pools and ghosts not long after launch.
    It’s okay Animal Crossing truly has my attention and for a fraction of the price lol.

  • Eco loving sounds like a snore…. like I don’t understand how they can ignore their community so much?! We want chickens!!! We want farms!!! We want animals!!! We DON’T want an expansion pack for an expansion pack(example: sims pets and then their stupid idea to make people pay for small animals, when that should have been included to at least make up for not having horses!!)

  • Maybe this some bs to get our minds off of country living! But, supposedly a new world comes with ECO living so maybe it will be fun…

  • An expansion pack about environmental friendliness, in a game about collecting as much stepford housewife clout as possible.
    That’s not conflicting interests at allllllll.

  • Wow why is everyone complaining before you even find out what the pack involves? It can still involve farming. Sustainable food growing involves growing your own food. And having your own chickens & livestock is better for the environment than having a big production of beef etc. And reminder, you don’t have to buy it if you don’t like it, but personally I’m looking forward to seeing what the pack involves.

    • You can understand our side though, I personally don’t wanna farm. I want family stuff, their will probably be good things in it, but family gameplay is what I mainly use. After building, everytime I play as a sim they always have kids and their is nothing to do with kids.

  • Hi, can we all go on strike and not but this pack? We don’t need more eco friendly stuff, at least not in an expansion

  • I’ve played all the sims 1, 2, 3 and 4…honestly still wishing for the sims 4 to be more like the sims 3! I miss the feature when you were able to walk your sim from your home to any lot…and saw the car driving from home, less loading and waiting. Even the University expansion pack was better. Honestly being more and more disappointed with the creators.

  • Don’t fall for its trailer – they’ll try win us over with all the fancy special effects, but we must resist! However good it looks, it’ll only try cover up the lack of actual ‘stuff’ – if previous expansions are anything to go by, what they’ve said in the description is pretty much all we’re getting!

    • I will quit playing this game completely if this pack is anything like strangerville. They need to listen to players for ONCE

      • They did listen to the players. Back in 2017, the community voted for Eco living as a general theme. It was what we wanted, and now they’re giving it to us

  • I’ve been playing The Sims since the very beginning of Sims 1. I recently got The Sims 1 running again and it reminds me how little true inventiveness, charm, and deep gameplay are in the current iteration. Eco Living will be the first Sims 4 pack that I do not buy. They need to add the charm, surprises, deep and unexpected gameplay as well as the cheekiness of the original back. I saw that the current developers brag that they have never played The Sims 1 and they don’t play the current Sims 4 iterations. Given this statement, it’s no wonder the game has become a boring, disappointing slog.

  • I…Really? I got enough eco-friendly content in tiny living, thank you. I thought “Nifty Knitting” was going to be the worst of it.

  • Yawn…. Have they been paying any attention at all to the surveys people have been filling out?? This is so disappointing, a stuff pack maybe, for this stuff, but an expansion pack, really?? I won’t be wasting my money, that’s for sure

  • The Sims franchise has really fallen off. I used to play My Sims, Sims Bustin’ Out and Sims 2 as a kid and remember it being so much fun. (I never had the liberty of playing Sims 3 though.) Sims 4 is like a shadow of it’s formerself. The expansion packs are so boring and unfulfilling. Most of these expansion packs are not worth 40 dollars. I have a feeling this will be one of them.

  • Wow! How did they know I wanted to pick up trash and recycle in a virtual world!?! This really helps me escape reality…. Someone on the ideas commitee is about to get fired lol this is going to flop soooo bad!!

  • Very underwhelming not every millenial wants this in thier game sure these issues are important but I’d rather actually make a difference in real life than in a game thats suppose to be fun! I play to forget we are destroying the planet not be reminded of it I really hope this is the last of the eco bullshit. I want actual depth to my game and sims something that actually makes me want to play the game this isn’t it. Didn’t seem like you could do a whole lot. I shall be passing on this missed opportunity what a shame.I mean sure it’s great you can change thier environment but I’d rather do that where it would benefit me not my sims

  • I can’t believe how blatant your disregard for the sim community is. Who wants this washed up, after-thought garbage? Not me

    • besides youtubers like plumbella like it and think its cool dot like dont buy and get over it who knows maybe the upcoming gamepack will be farming

  • I’m glad to see that I am not one of the only ones disappointed in the next expansion. I was truly hoping for Country Living or something more to do with farm life. Nothing will change as long as there are people who still buy the packs. I loved Sims 3 and hope that maybe we will have a farm expansion coming up…

  • Well, I like it! And they actually DID listen to the community with this EP, cause we all voted on it way back.
    And I for one was getting bored with the same formula repeated for every Sims game. They came up with something new and different this time. And I think it looks great and is likely to have some fun gameplay!!

  • I’m not terribly concerned about the gameplay aspects of this, but there seems to be a lot I can use for my comic.

  • Bring out a farming one!! Where you can actually have cattle and own a ranch!!

    Also bring back the cars

    • I love the sims I have played the sims 1-2-3-4 and sims freeplay and sims mobile and it seems lately the entire “Sims” team has really not put much effort into updates and game packs lately. Currently playIng Sims4, SFP, SM and ALL of them keep coming with this crappy outdoor stuff bushes, flowers and outdoor furniture then few months later same crap as before just different color and different name. So many possibilities and we get a carbon copy of the last game packs, Island living mixed with tiny living. Farming, Generations, Open Schools, outdoor Sports, Ski resort, infants that we can actually do something with the list goes on and on and we literally get dumpsters and garbage and CAS items that look that they got them from the dumpster….. Not wasting my money on literal garbage!!!!!!

  • An eco themed expansion? That sounds very boring in my opinion
    I mean, Country Livin’ sounds far more interesting, beside, having our sims live on a farm and only using off the grid stuff, even if the toilets ends up being those bushes from Get Together, it would still be eco friendly and way more fun
    Famous Sim YouTubers have made farm houses already and we get a eco themed expansion?
    Who else thinks that this got to have something to do with the pandemic going around or something?