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The Sims 4’s Next Pack to be announced TOMORROW!

The Sims Team has just posted a teaser on their social media asking Simmers “How green is your Plumbob?”.

Along with this teaser they’ve also included a YouTube Trailer Premiere link which is set to happen tomorrow at 5PM CET!

Stay tuned for more details on the next pack for The Sims 4 on Sims Community!

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  • If it is in fact a farming pack…I’m VERY happy the background doesn’t look like stereotypical farmland. The surveys got me so hype for mountain towns!

  • If this is gonna be like an ‘Eco Living’ pack about sustainable energy and stuff then I’m happy for everyone who wants that, but for me the whole point of the sims is that you don’t have to worry about energy and climate change and stuff cuz it’s not real.
    I think eco friendly stuff is a fun idea but I hope to god there’s a farm or a car just out of shot lol

    • In Island Living there was an Ecologist career, so I think EA would like to keep their eco policy – which is nice. But if ‘Eco Living’ is gonna be a main theme for the next EP it will be kind of boring for me to play. Maybe as a Stuff Pack or even Game Pack to buy whenever will be cut-priced.

  • you guys are seriously never satisfied. It’s sort of sad. The Sims team works hard regardless of your opinions, and i have never ever read a comment that showed even a little bit of appreciation. And when there was appreciation, it was always followed up with “but it could be better”

    • I agree. the sims team spends years and months making stuff and other simmers just say its bad or its boring or they wont buy it since they hate it. like wtf!!!

    • yeah, they worked so hard on that free 20th anniversary gift to the people who spends hundreds on their games. A lousy repurposed hot tub, woo hoo! Where is their appreciation for the players?

    • I think that’s because they always really could be better. I don’t know how old you are or how long you’ve been playing etc. But when sims 2 packs dropped they where always amazing, no complaints just like yeah wow this is amazing. Sims 4 packs always feel half arsed. And also the sims team aren’t friends doing this for free. They get paid to go to work and create content (pretty cool job and pretty good salary) so I don’t agree that we should feel grateful for content that feels unfinished. If you worked in a cafe and I ordered a slice of cake (it looks real good) and I ordered a bit and it came and tasted like cardboard – I don’t have to be grateful that you spend two hours getting paid £10 a hour to make it. So not sure where this mentality is that everyone should feel grateful and thankful for the sims team.

    • Agreeable. I watch you tubers who are like “I didn’t ask for this” well a lot of people did so it’s sucks to suck. They’re doing the best they can to satisfy everyone who plays the sims.

  • Ooo a new pack, funnnnn! I am almost complete in all packs! I think I am missing… .. Three. Love all the buuld stuff! Keep it coming Sims Team!!!
    Thanks for all you do!

  • Honestly, I like the idea of the realism of adding eco friendly stuff. It will also open doors for so many cc makers and I think it will be amazing.

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