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Official Blog Post: The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle

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Welcome to Evergreen Harbor, the sustainable city of your dreams! Join your fellow collaborative makers and sustainability activists in The Sims™ 4 Eco Lifestyle Expansion Pack*, coming to PC, Mac, Xbox One, and PlayStation®4 on June 5, 2020! How will you play to change?

Change the World

In Evergreen Harbor, every action you take and decision you make influences the state of the world around you. The cleaner Evergreen Harbor gets, the more you’ll see nature thriving. You determine whether the skies are smoggy or clear enough to see the aurora borealis glimmering above. Let garbage pile up on the streets of your neighborhood or clean it up to create lush green walking paths in town. It’s up to you!

Upgrade Your Home

New updates in Build/Buy encourage going green, too. For the first time, you can offset your bills with wind turbines, solar panels, and dew collectors. Reduce your eco footprint and invest in a living rooftop for a splash of bright color. Inside, choose between gorgeous new furniture (sustainably made, of course) or upcycle someone else’s junk into beautiful items!

Make or Break It

Speaking of reclaiming and repurposing things, why don’t you check out a new job as a maker? As you go around town, keep an eye out for collectibles and materials for your next project. Brave Sims might try dumpster diving for resources like dyes, bits and pieces, and ingredients—as long as they don’t mind the smell. Choose the Freelance Crafter career to fill mail and internet orders for your candles, fizzy juices, upcycled objects, and more! Or try to encourage your neighbors to vote for a community maker space where you can all craft together.

Use Your Voice

Unused community spaces are going to waste—literally, as a dump. Rally your neighbors to decide how to use it. To get that maker space, you’re going to need support. Want a shared planting space with vertical gardens instead? Vote for it! Every week, you can join your new community in voting for a Neighborhood Action Plan. Transform the shared lot, promote the performing arts, suggest a weekly workout, demand an upcycling initiative, or explore the many other options on the board. Just know that you could end up wearing a paper bag on your head if things go sideways….

Whatever you do in Evergreen Harbor, know that you are changing the world.

Preorder The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle Expansion Pack today for Mac, PC, and Xbox One!

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*Requires The Sims 4 game (sold separately) and all game updates to play. For PC/Mac, see minimum system requirements for this pack.

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  • So…a bunch of stuff that should have been in Island Living and Tiny Living combined with a Strangerville style world (aka play it once then never again) all centered around a theme that lost a previous Stuff Pack vote to Laundry? Hmmmm…nah…think I’ll pass. I’ve got better things to do with my money. If it was a Stuff Pack or even a Game Pack I’d consider it, but an EP? That’s a joke!

    • This stuff wouldn’t have fit in island living, would a secluded island chain with no industrial infrastructure have smog around, and the main focus of island living was the world. And with the laundry thing, we literally VOTED for eco living, it isn’t my first pet stuff 2, they’re giving us what we want, and I’m pretty sure everyone would have been upset if they got solar panels in a laundry pack. Be grateful, honestly the community is so toxic when it comes to not getting what they want, it’s childish, especially when we’re getting what we asked for.

    • I agree, I avoid strangerville. Like can we at least have an option to turn the “story mode” off. Why would I be excited to play it again. It was annoying the first time.

  • Maybe next we can get a farming/country pack? With horses and other farm animals; better gardening and a farming world? I mean a lot of people have been requesting a country based pack.

    • I think we will be getting a farming pack in the future, we filled in a form concerning farming after all!

  • Do we know anything about the game changer content embargo? I’m really interested in having a deeper insight

  • They could did better i was looking for a country life not something they looking like the sims is homeless