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Eco Lifestyle will have an effect on previous The Sims 4 Worlds

My biggest concern after the announcement of The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle Expansion Pack was if the pack is gonna have restricted gameplay that’s exclusive to the new world of Evergreen Harbor. The pack promises pollution and general ecological effect on the world around you – however the team wasn’t very clear on which one.

SimGuruFrost has clarified this on Twitter and said that Eco Lifestyle will impact almost all of The Sims 4 Worlds (including the ones from previous packs) – except for destination worlds like Granite Harbor and Selvadorada, as well as StrangerVille because the pack already has a linear storyline.

He also confirmed that you’ll be able to put the eco footpring on hold and pause it in the game options!

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  • The truth is that although this pack caused me many doubts, little by little they have responded and I like them more

    • Exactly! It seems like there is a lot in store that the trailer didn’t show. So now im way more interested in the pack

    • They should slow down the time in the sims. I feel like time moves wayyy to fast and it’s hard for me to actually go out and have fun.

      • In game play options you can pause sims aging or extend the life span of all sims giving each stage of life a larger number of days to live

          • The mod slows the Sim time vs. Real time. So if the normal Sim time is 3 min to 1 sec in real time, you can slow it to 1 min/1sec for example. This means it doesn’t take your Sim 20 minutes to walk from the bedroom to the kitchen anymore because the time passes slower but they move at the same pace.

  • I love all the new details that are coming out! The trailer didn‘t do it justice! Can‘t wait for the livestream!

  • yay pay $40 and have all your worlds polluted! cant think of a reason people would hate…………….

    imagine though, pay $40 and manage your own farms (animals, crops and all) or pay $40 and go into medieval times or into the future

    such wasted effort :(

    • I actually think this will be fun. I know it might not be everyone’s cup of tea however it’s not a waste.

    • Theyre too far away from being able to do that, they have no cows chickens barns nothing and yeah you could include that in a exp pack but it would be better if little by little they build to that and eventually are able to put out a 40 dollar pack that will do it justice. At this point if they released that it would be extremely basic. I’m glad they’re not doing that yet. They have more time to think about how to perfect it also.

        • They’ve said there are three packs coming out this year, multiple times. In June, Eco Living – expansion. In late summer, probably August, Nifty Knitting – stuff pack. In fall, I’m guessing around Thanksgiving, an as yet un-named game pack.

    • Just don’t buy the EP and quit complaining. Nothing is going to change now. Your beloved farming EP may be the next but we will have to wait at least 7 months

    • you can turn it off, please read it with tought before you comment :) this is a new system like seasons, so we will get gameplay! people have voted on eco lifestyle, and i think we can’h be mad for them.

      the only reasons people are upset over the farmings is because of the fake leak. if we didn’t get used to the idea of getting a farming pack i think people would like this more.

    • People play the sims differently … because you want that doesn’t mean everyone do… while I would enjoy the farm pack, I would not want either medieval times or into the future… actually I would absolutely hate into the future…
      But some would love that, and that is okay… there are so many different type of players with the sims everything wont appeal to everyone…

    • Most people like this pack. Farming is boring. You do the same thing over and over again, every single day. Believe me, I know. I grew up on a farm.

      • Yeah, at least this would be quite a timeless pack unlike many others– it would be very hard to get bored or literally the whole thing.
        Like Vampire seemed pretty cool at first, but then they just became annoying. And yeah, the eco pack affects all the worlds, but you can easily turn the feature off.

    • If you actually read it, you can turn that feature off if you wanted to.
      Also, that was a fake leak, so you can’t blame the Sims team for something you and many others hyped yourselves up for– which didn’t exist in the first place.
      A poll was done two years ago and an eco pack came up, so you can’t really complain if the Sims team gave us what we voted for.
      And lastly… unless there’s a gun to your head, nobody is forcing you to buy the pack. Yeah, it’s $40, but you can very easily keep that money if you want to.

    • Gosh, why all the hate on mimi – I tend to agree with her. So let’s see, I pay $40 and turn the main feature of the game off so that i can have the few other things they’ve added. There’s a little more too it than “oh, just don’t buy the pack” I don’t want to have to scour a build that I want to download to make sure it doesn’t contain items from that pack if i don’t buy it. She’s just stating her opinion and preference – she didn’t hate on anyone. So let me prove my point, bring on the hate for my comment as well….

      • just a tip even if you don’t have the pack the game will generally replace any object that isn’t related to new gameplay, for example, is someone was to use a painting from the new pack but you didn’t have it the game would replace it with a similar painting that you have. I understand that 40 dollars is a bit much however if you would be frustrated about the missing items then you can get the pack. also if you check the icons at the bottom there is an option to see used items so you can check what items you have to replace.

    • I was thinking the same thing, I mean Who comes up with this stuff. …and I own every game there is from sim 2, 3, and 4, with the exception of “Tiny house living ” this is getting to be a disappointment.

    • There’s actually an older sims game set set in medieval times. it’s a separate game, but it does exist

  • Imagine them slowly release details that makes the pack so much better and people sit there regretting every bad thing they said. Despite the few people sore it wasn’t farming. ♻️

    • Someone on Twitter told a developer(SimGuru) that they hoped their child got cancer…. I hope that person comes to regret their comments.

      • Doesn’t surprise me. This community has a lot of toxicity and entitled people. Just look at how rude and ungrateful some of them act towards modders and custom content creators. Some people take things too far and then you have other players that don’t correct them because “we’re the customer” nonsense.

      • They won’t. If you wish somone to get cancer you are braindead and uou really suck as a human being. Plus you don’t regret the stupid things you say.
        Sometimes I hate sims community, it is so fcking toxic

    • Omg, that person should regret their comment even if this pack was nothing but 50 different types of dirt. What a terrible thing to say to someone no matter what their frustrations are.

  • I think this was someone’s complaint so I would assume they’ll (and others of the same concern) be happy to find out it’s not limited to one world.

    • I‘m happy that it isn‘t just locked to the world. This makes it so much more exciting as a new game mechanic!

  • Why people complaining so much about “farms” and “cars”… jeez!! There are so many other “farm” games they can play, its literally about farming. I enjoy every expansions & game pack they come out with. If you see something not worth buying, just don’t, gosh! So much complains, its crazy.

  • Honestly, I’m loving the sound of this pack! It’s exactly the type of gameplay I’m interested in and I’m so excited that the devs have been able to make something so unique and different to anything the sims has made before. This type of innovation is exciting. :)

  • I’m actually doubting about how this all will work out.. For instance, if there will be air pollution what is the cause?

    Therefore, I am awaiting a mobility pack, in combination with the Ecostyle EP it could be nice to see the actual effect of polluting cars versus zero emission ones.

    • Most people like this pack. Farming is boring. You do the same thing over and over again, every single day. Believe me, I know. I grew up on a farm. The thing that may be causing the pollution are the factories in Evergreen Harbour and the farms in Brindleton Bay

      • Those are nice ideas. Because if factories and farms are the cause of the pollution, I hope Sims can somehow help to push for cleaner industry and sustainable farming. Because then it would make sense that the air will clear up as a result of that. I wondered how that could happen by just cleaning up sidewalks or using a handy machine that just vacuum cleans the environment.

        Maybe people, including myself, will get more enthusiastic about the game once these details are explained.

  • I only wish they would now give an update where they can make other bodies of water swimmable for mermaids in other worlds besides Sulani. The sea in Brindleton Bay is gorgeous but all my mermaid can do is stare at it and ache for the sea. I mean it’s comically torturous. Pools are one thing, but I want to give them an ocean anywhere they need/want besides Sulani.
    This new pack, Eco Living, if it really does affect other worlds, then could they please do the same with oceans? Because I love this idea and have been waiting for something like this to happen.

    • They said they had plans to make other bodies of water swimmable, it will just take time. Idk if mermaids will transform though. I know it Britechester you can swim there, but I’ve never tested out what will happen with mermaid since I’ve only played with them once.

  • Honestly I wasn’t opposed to this pack, I just wasn’t sure if I would buy it immediately or wait until the December sale when I can bundle it for cheap. It’s with news like this that is making me want to get it at release.

  • Ok…now it makes much more sense! Now I understand why its called EP. And I’m starting to like the idea!! I really wanna see the grungey look effecting the other worlds!

  • Are there any planned real world impacts of this game? Are sales of the game going to go towards funding the fight against climate change? Is the game designed at all to run more efficiently on systems to reduce power? Or is it all lip service?

  • I’m really mad this will be the first pack I dont buy. I have every game and stuff pack except my first pet.

  • I wonder if Sims with different personality traits all react or think differently towards the pollution? Like imagine. A Slob sim wouldn’t mind the pollution and won’t do anything about it but an Loves the outdoors sim would do the opposite thing and try to help save the environment by planting flowers and trees.

    I also kinda want see a squeamish sim attempting to pick up the worm but failing.

  • That’s actually really cool news! I was actually wondering how worlds like Del Sol Valley weren’t polluted to begin with. Still doesn’t make this pack worth the full price to me, but I’m glad its main features aren’t restricted to just the world it comes with.

  • I have gotten every single additional software up to this point.
    I will not be purchasing the Eco lifestyle pack. I am very disappointed about this one. Instead of complaining about the pack just don’t buy it and then maybe the developers will think twice about future packs.
    As far as the packs I have so far go we need a lot option for Hospital. I build hospitals but they can’t run correctly because there isn’t that lot type to associate with it.

  • Seems interesting and I want to get it … But does anyone know what happen to the world’s you aren’t playing in? Like, I don’t want to turn the eco thing off so I can try it out but I don’t want to have to go into every world to make sure it’s not polluted …

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