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The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle: New GIF

The Sims Team uploaded a brand new GIF on GIPHY showcasing a new feature in The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle Expansion Pack.

In this GIF you can see a Sim cutting himself a piece of meat from a vertical meat wall (kebabs maybe?).

Tip: @Raadosky

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  • That’s the grossest thing I’ve seen on the sims 4. I hate raw meat imagery… And where is that meat from? An animal? Another sim? did it grow from the wall?

    • Some sort of uh… synthetic meat? I sure hope they don’t pack half-baked farming features into this expansion.

      • Same I’m still holding on to a thin bit of hope that the game pack they haven’t revealed yet will be farming

  • An actual new animation which is pretty cool! But what has this got to do with Eco living again? I feel like this would suit a Wilderness Survival Pack more.

    • It might be you synthesizing your own meat. It’s a real thing that is done in labs (and looks nothing like this), and tbf cows produce a lot of methane.

      • The growing of soy, kills the dirt it’s grown on, meaning more chemicals in are water way. I grew up in Farm country. My whole city is surrounded by farm field. U can tell where Soy n Corn are grown. It’s where the most dust is. N also after they can’t use the land anymore, is where they build the new falling apart homes, that no one can afford. So what is ur point.

        • I grew up in farm country too, lived on a working farm for part of my childhood. Soy and corn doesn’t destroy the soil. There’s a field next to my childhood home where they grow soy. It’s been producing for over 25 years. There are corn fields that I grew up running around in and guess what? Still growing corn nearly 30 years later. The farmers spread pig manure twice a year, don’t need any more chemicals than any other fields. And they’re not any dustier than any other field in the middle of summer. I don’t know where you got your information but it’s incorrect.

        • On the other hand, cows, pigs and other hooved animals do actually destroy the soil. I grew up surrounded by pig and cow pastures. Nothing would grow for many years after the field was retired.

        • Probably because the farming methods used in your area aren’t sustainable. Dust bowl conditions happen (generally) because farmers don’t take into account soil type and clear cut everything that could otherwise provide structure to the soil and protection against wind/water erosion. If they can’t use the land anymore after, it’s because they mismanage their land and cause nutrient depletion, meaning they’re not wanting to spend money on restoring nutrients to the soil (remineralization, fertilization, etc.) even though it allows for long-term production.

          Sustainable farmers ideally cycle their land use, because it increases soil productivity over the long term. Other farmers are too short-sighted to reinvest in their land that way.

          Some people are just stupid. ‍♀️

  • Vegans and vegetarians are about to be mad lmao. Even though I’m neither this is definitely weird and unnecessary, why did they think this was a good idea? They saw we wanted live cows and stuff and did this?? What is up with them and miscommunication?

  • UN 2030 compliant. My SIM will be called Greta Howdareyou. It’s plant based meat created just for you. All farm animals don’t exist anymore.

  • I hope there is an option to keep the eco effects in the Eco Living world only, not turn it off everywhere or turn it on everywhere…

  • I’m vegan, but let’s *pretend* that this sim is eating a “cow” meat and the gurus are hinting that cows are coming in the next expansion pack. (I’m still grossed out though.

    • Honestly I think most of you may be over thinking this subject and forgetting it’s just a game. If you have a problem with it because you may not happen to eat meat dont buy the pack or dont use the item from it. *shrugs*

  • Honestly, I feel this would suit more of a ‘Country Living’ / ‘Farm Life’ / ‘Survival’ pack. Still kinda hoping for the first two. Just hope they don’t try and add a very lazy feature based off of them to the pack.

    And does anyone know if babies are getting an upgrade??

    • Must be meat alternative to fit the theme of the pack. Kinda looks too much like real raw meat though. Still…*hopes and hopes for vegan trait/choices*…

  • We want the game to be realistic. This is just another step closer to reality. I encourage them to continue on their path. id love to see farm animals in the game, farmer as one of the employment option. Though I don’t think we need to see the butchering process (like slicing the meat) It would be grate for kids who play the game

  • People need to chill. It’s only meat. If you’re vegan or vegetarian you don’t have to use this. I literally cannot understand why this is ‘gross’

  • It’s very obviously the vertical garden but with meat on it. Meaning it’s either a plant-based meat substitute or it’s cloned meat growing without an animal, either way no animal (nothing with a brain) has to die to produce it.

  • This is not eco living if veganism isn’t added as a trait in the sims 4. Veganism is all about the health of our planet, the environment, and animals and also our health. How is this eco living without veganism??

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