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The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle: Pollution will Impact Rain

The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle Expansion Pack promises to have cross-pack functionality that’ll bring some new gameplay elements with some of the previous pack installments.

Although we don’t have specific details how each pack will influence Eco Lifestyle gameplay, SimGuruGeorge did reveal that pollution in the game will impact weather if you have The Sims 4 Seasons installed – more specifically, it’ll impact rain.

With Eco Lifestyle’s official reveal we’ve also gotten a screenshot preview of what the rain will look like in polluted neighborhoods:

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  • Wow makes the pack even better for me loving the sound of it so far it also be amazing if you are cars to it then in the pollution bad things happen to the cars just an idea

    • You dont even know what paralives is going to be like it might have the worst gameplay or the best so stop comparing them.

    • Buahaha made my day!
      If I do get this eco pack, and I’m not even sure I will, it will ONLY be for the build stuff and the clothing/hair etc etc…
      Not going to lie…. it’s a bit disappointing, I know many people want sims to be realistic but pollution is definitely last thing I will enjoy playing… sims are my happy place, after long busy and often quite tiring day I’m looking forward to a fun play… I can almost imagine them creating pandemic pack and STD options… why so serious?! Why cant we have more funny stuff, I miss them times when sims was a bit clingy but funny at the same time… now it’s all politically correct and serious ughh… farming, medival, more evil jobs and options, futuristic or period stuff…. anything but eco lifestyle

      • Kasia, I agree. It is rare to find anything ugly in my game, (well, sometimes I make ugly sims with crazy character traits for the entertainment value, lol!). No politically correct stuff. I understand that some people enjoy more realism, but i’m with you, when I get off work, I wanna play- not focus on serious issues. (I finally broke down and purchased “pets” for the build stuff and the world. I delete animals that pop up IMMEDIATELY, they’re too much work, needy, destructive, and interrupt my game play lol!

      • There’s still fantasy in it – the fantasy that in this world we can clean up the pollution in our individual games n make the neighbourhood beautiful. I like that a lot n enjoyed the taster with island living. :)

    • Bruh this website isn’t about paralives. You’re coming off childish and you haven’t even tested out the game to see if it’s what you want but are just hoping it checks off everything you want. Take that same energy and talk with some of the toxic members in this community who are harassing those working on paralives and stop putting unrealistic pressure on them as members of this community still don’t care to understand the level of work and commitment than goes into putting a game together be it sims or paralives or adding to it through mods and custom content. I have nothing against paralives and likely may play it myself but that doesn’t mean I’m dropping the sims. Maybe this will have toxic members who are bitter to move on elsewhere (which has always been an option especially with a franchise like this) though I don’t want those same simmers to annoy paralives people either.

    • Gonna laugh once you cave in and buy more Sim packs. Paralives isn’t even out yet and has no release date so you have no idea what it’s gonna really be like

  • I get that they want to add things for everyone, but come on. Eco living? It’s a video game for f***s sake. I want content that’s going to make it fun not realistic. I don’t want to escape this reality just go to one just like it. To be honest I wish they would just scrap sims 4 and get a NEW better team to work on sims 5. I’ve been playing this game since the first one came out and sims 4 is definitely the biggest disappointment.

    • Don’t you think you’re playing the wrong game if you’re not looking for realism? It’s a life simulation type of game despite some supernatural elements that are not required for players to have in game. If you’re looking for that much of an escape from reality maybe a different type of game is a better option. So you would rather they scrap a game after all this time and money spent into it because you’re impatient? It makes no sense from a corporate standing or a customer who has invested into the game for them to drop it. You’re more than welcome not to further invest in the game and wait around for TS5. This game needs more time as it should’ve been kept as a mobile and then released as a PC with a better engine but we are far too deep for that to happen without it being expensive and not worthwhile when TS5 is being worked on. \

    • Non-object babies would also make it more realistic n near enough everyone wants them… You can never please everyone.

  • Just seen the game play trailer – EATING insects as opposed to composting? Insects ARE meat. Oh dear. Besides that it barely added to the original trailer, it’s good we’ve got more info from these gurus else they really wouldn’t be doing a good job at selling it to me right now!! Agree with most people this must be ace rain. Would be good if it was corrosive to buildings/the environment rather than just making Sims run indoors like blizzards and torrential storms – though it would make sense if it did that too. Furthermore when I first read about acid rain as a child, it prevalently affected Northern/especially Scandic regions, which ties in with the new world at least.

  • I do like it but I like the things in cas so far tbh i might like the gameplay when I try playing it more

    • @Indy, it is already realistic since there are car animations in the game already in many neighborhood streets. Yes, it would be cool if they added *functional* cars to the game, but decorative cars exist already. ;-)

  • Well if you don’t like the game packs. Just don’t buy them and stick to the basic Sims 4. With out all the expansion packs, stuff packs, and even the additional world’s. Leave that to the real Sims players. Don’t have to be a douche about it either. The Game packs are life! Get over yourself and get on your A game.

  • I want simple things! Like hammocks and furniture that I can make booth seating to a dinning room table and it works! Ijs