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The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle: Aspirations Overview


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The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle adds two new aspirations to the game; Eco Innovator and Master Maker. While the Eco Innovator aspiration focuses on making communities more eco-friendly and greener, the Master Maker aspiration focuses more on industry, allowing your Sims to profit off crafting a number of new items.

Eco Innovator

The Eco Innovator aspiration has three milestone levels. It ties into the new Civil Designer career.

Eco Economist

  • Have 5 Community Influence Points
  • Vote on 1 Neighbourhood Action Plan

Clean City Civilian

  • Sell Power or Water on a utility bill
  • Become a Civil Designer

Civil Citizen

  • Attempt to convince a Sim to Vote on a Neighbourhood Action Plan
  • Vote on Neighbourhood Action Plans two separate times
  • Reach level 10 of the Civil Designer career

Completing the Eco Innovator aspiration gives your Sim the following trait:

Influential Individual: When influential individuals speak, everyone listens. They can get the community to cheer on a local hero, or cancel them on a whim.

Master Maker

The Master Maker aspiration has four milestone levels. It ties into both the new Fabrication skill and the new Freelance Crafter career.

Jerry Rigger

  • Achieve level 3 Skill in Fabrication
  • Recycle 5 times

The Better Builder

  • Achieve level 5 Skill in Fabrication
  • Fabricate 5 times
  • Have 5 Dyes

Competent Crafter

  • Achieve level 7 Skill in Fabrication
  • Collect insects from an Insect Farm 3 times
  • Create 5 candles

Master Maker

  • Achieve level 10 Skill in Fabrication
  • Make 20 candles
  • Complete 5 gigs as a Freelance Crafter

Completing the Master Maker aspiration gives your Sim the following reward trait:

Muse of the Maker: Master Makers have learned all the tricks necessary to fabricate items at a reduced cost.

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