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The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle: All About Community Spaces

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The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle comes with a brand new lot type in the form of Community Spaces. In Evergreen Harbor, you will find one in each of the three neighbourhoods but you can also create your own in the other worlds in The Sims 4.

Types of Community Spaces

You will find four different types of Community Spaces in the game. While the default Community Space is a very basic lot type which has one or two objects for your Sims to use it doesn’t offer a great deal at the moment. However, the Community Garden, Maker Space and Marketplace are tailored more towards the needs of your Sims and their respective neighbourhoods.

Community Space – A space full of possibility for use by the local community. Work together as community desires change to make the space fit what the residents want!

Community Garden – Looking for a place to practice growing and cultivating? The Community Garden is the perfect place for neighbours to plant together!

Maker Space – A community space for making all kinds, where neighbours can gather to craft and recycle goods, or dabble in activities like candle-making, juice fizzing, fabricate, or painting!

Marketplace – A community market where crafters and makers can sell their wares and shoppers can browse them.

Voting for Community Space Projects

The way you decide on which Community Space Project your neighbourhood has is done the same way as you would when you vote for a Neighbourhood Action Plan.

Simply make your way over to the Community Board and select Check Community Space Projects. You will then be presented with a pop-up that will allow you and others to vote on which community space you would like to see.

Voting starts at 8 am on Friday and ends at 6 pm on Monday. Once voting ends, your Community Space will then update to the winning one. If you want to vote to change the Community Space, you will have to wait until the next voting period to do so.

Creating Your Own Community Space

Creating your own Community Space is easy and follows the same process as if you were to build any other community lot. When you first chose to build your own Community Space it will automatically select the basic type of Community Space. You will then be able to choose the particular type you want to build as well as adding any Lot Traits you may want.

To complete the Community Space Lot overall, you will need to build something for each aspect of the four different Community Space types.

You will still have a list of required objects you need to play as well as optional ones that are recommended. Of course, you can add any objects you like to make your Community Space unique and work within the neighbourhood you build it in.

When creating your own Community Spaces, make sure you place a Voting Board down on the Lot for each of the different Community Space types. This will allow Sims in that neighbourhood to cast their vote. It is advised that you create each different Community Space so that the lot type shows as complete rather than having aspects missing. Of course, you can start with just placing the required items for now and return to a specific Community Space at a later time.

Community Spaces are a great place for your Sims to hang out, socialise and also build their skills at the same time. Whether you are fabricating items in Evergreen Harbor or selling your creations in Brindleton Bay, a Community Space really helps your neighbourhood come alive!

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