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The Sims 4 Nifty Knitting: 5 Builds for Sims who luv2knit!


Hanging plants galore, pastel heaven and rocking chairs, what’s not to love about Nifty Knitting?! Here are 5 nifty knitting builds that have caught my eye since the release of the latest stuff pack.

Fabflubs – Knitting Shop

Download here: flubber32c4
Twitter: fabflubs79

I love literally everything that fabflubs builds, but I absolutely adore this! This adorable little knitting shop is the perfect addition to any crafty save files. The colour scheme is just so perfect for the theme, and I really appreciate the attention to detail and all the little clutter items. This build really does look like it’s been plucked out of real life; I really like how they have added certain items outside to make it look super realistic, like the parking space for the car and the bikes. There’s even a city map. postbox and parking meter!

Kriint – Colourful Trailer Starter

Download here: kriint
Twitter: Kriint

I kind of have a thing for tiny colourful homes, and this is no exception! Firstly, my favourite part of this cute little trailer is the glass roof, it just looks so cool coming down the side of the trailer! The little doghouse outside the front is also super charming and adorable. I could see myself sat on the bench in the front garden, or sitting next to that nice big window with the sun beaming through, knitting stuff to sell on Plopsy! If you’re looking for a starter home full of cozy charm, this is the one for you.

Cassielle – Tiny Knitting

Download here: CassiopeiaFlouf
Twitter: Cassielle_

Adorable house alert! The things that struck me initially with this build was the pastel colour scheme and that cute little plant area out the front (I am a sucker for plants). This tiny home is jam-packed full of charm and everything your sim could need, but doesn’t feel cramped at all; they’ve even managed to fit in 3 beds! The back garden/bbq area is really different to anything I have ever seen before for a tiny home, and really gives you a sense that the property is actually a lot bigger.

Bethlesimmer – Tiny Home

Download here: bethlesimmer
Twitter: Bethlesimmer

If there was ever a tiny build I wish I had built myself, it’s this one! It’s really difficult to build a fully functional tiny build that’s not too cramped, but I’d say this is perfection. Like all of these builds, it’s colour scheme is stunning (which is a reason I love this pack so much). The mix and match with the tiny living and knitting stuff packs really compliment each other, and I especially love the little craft corner. The build also has a decent sized bathroom which is refreshing for a tiny home. Don’t get me started on all the plants outside, a literal dream!

Paulpancakee – DIY Apartment

Download here: paulpancake
Twitter: Paulpancakee

If I was in the market for a super chic apartment in San Myshuno, this would be first on my list. It’s ideal for the crafty simmers amongst us! The colour scheme throughout the whole house is perfect and even fitted with a super decent sized kitchen and 2 bedrooms. The clutter and attention to detail is *chefs kiss*. The crafting area has to be my favourite part of this apartment, I can’t imagine a better place to get creative.

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