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The Sims 4’s next Expansion Pack to be announced in a few weeks

In today’s official announcement The Sims Team has stated a couple of things regarding the future of The Sims 4 and what they’re working on. Among the statement that they’re planning to update The Sims 4’s skin tones and addressing some of the community requested features, they’ve also stated that they’ll be announcing a brand new Expansion Pack for The Sims 4 “in just a matter of few weeks”.

To set the expectations for the community, they’ve stated that some of the currently requested features such as babies, farming, cars and bunk beds won’t be a part of this Expansion Pack.

In just a matter of weeks we’ll be sharing more about our next Expansion Pack, which we’ve been working on since last year. I want to set expectations now, though, that cars, babies, farms and bunk beds are not part of this EP. We understand how important these features are to you but we want to be honest that they are not part of this upcoming pack.


The last expansion pack for The Sims 4 – Eco Lifestyle was released on June 5th. With some of the “foundation” Expansion Packs already being released such as Pets, Seasons, University and others, the next Expansion Pack could be a surprise. Personally I’m hoping for a return of Hobbies and more activities for my Sims that will flesh out their personalities even more, but time will tell.

Until then stay tuned on Sims Community for all the updates on the next Expansion Pack!

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  • “Personally I’m hopping for a return of Hobbies and more activities for my Sims that will flesh out their personalities even more, but time will tell.” Yes me too, 100%!

    • I’d like that too, but I feel like it could be a game pack?
      I’m personally hoping for a resort/hotel pack where we can own vacation houses in other worlds, especially a snowy world resort!

    • When exactly Pets or University got released? Having a Foxes and Raccoons pack and DLC to DLC, doesn’t equals Pets at all. Same goes for Discover University, which as the name says – only allows you to discover American university without any proper university gameplay (rabbit holes and basic homework is not a proper high education we should be having) and a lot of unnecessary stuff like half of the pack being a glorified robotics pack.

  • Really hope for hobbies also. While I would like another world I do think fleshing out their personalities is more important for now. And I wished they’d add more things like fears, likes and dislikes. I really wished they’d look back at thing, not just the DLCs like usual, from past games and incorporate them (as I mentioned fears etc).

  • I hope the expansion is the supernatural one and its in october. I want to read tarot (which I do IRL) and be the grim reaper DX
    Babies can be in the update ;D

    • They did take out some of the more popular supernaturals and gave them their own pack. So they might bring the others in an expansion or game pack like werewolves, zombies and fairies. But I don’t know if the reaction will be positive because of vampires and witches missing this time. If it’s an EP hopefully it’s a decent size world including one that would suit werewolves and one more magical in nature for fairies. Hopefully they don’t make the mistake they did with mermaids (primarily no transformation from becoming a mermaid, no real effort to become one, and no perk ranks). One of the things I really enjoyed about vampires were their ranking system. It fell short overall with witches in comparison.

  • I personally want a snowy themed pack. Something like a ski resort up in the mountains with a German styled town with a mall, a couple lots for houses, like 2 lots for your own resort or something, a couple shops. You know a ski resort with a small town fell to it

  • I don’t think anything supernatural should be a expansion pack. Im someone who more down to earth and prefers real world game play. Don’t get me wrong its fun to spice it up with some supernatural theme thing here and there but in small quanities. With game packs its easier to control and personally I feel if its a game pack its not so big I need it if I don’t want it.

    • At this point I don’t know how well a supernatural pack will be received since popular occult like vampires and witches are already out. Granted in past sims games they introduced vampires and then later expanded on them in another DLC. But I think vampires were done really well. Witches need some work but are far better than mermaids and aliens which both need an update. I think the perk and tier list they came up with vampires made them more detailed and I wished mermaids and aliens had this to freshen them up a bit.

  • Good, many cc will follow. Company has their own ideals for their products. Fan ideals is just for consult when they out of ideal anyway. No one can tell they give up their own ideal to do other’s ideals first with nothing in return.

  • Can you make an expansion for toddlers And kids with cribs and bunk beds so we don’t have to use custom content

  • Please be Generations or something similar that provides more family gameplay and add depth to the game, the sims and their lives. They have absolutely no personality or whatsoever. Better not be a freaking supernatural pack. Hotels would be ok I guess but I‘d prefer more depth in relationships over that any time. I want something that ties all the loose ends together by adding more in depth interactions! Oh and yes, I NEED STORY PROGRESSION in my towns!

  • The sims team stated that we the players of the sims ate not going to get what we want. They ate saying we don’t matter. But we need more skills and hobbies. But all I wish to know why they can’t give us what we want. Why have they stuff that we don’t want and expect us to buy the stuff we don’t want. Why should we waste our time playing a game we use to play so good and spend money on becoming a boring. Adding Harry Potter theme and Star Wars was a waste. Please bring everything back to what we liked and loved about this game back. Give us milkshake maker back. Allow us to make more alcohol drinks. Give our sims more to talk about. Look at the real world. Add drums, saxophone, and other musical instruments, allow us to start a band. Add sewing machines. We can build a garage but no vehicles to drive or motorcycles to drive. In island living we should of had surf board. We had skating rinks but winter retreat. We can’t have skate boards. We can’t have anything. Not even more stuff to grow. This game is boaring and dull and a big waste of time and money. If you can come up with retro looks and hippie looks it would be cool. For laundry days should of have added a iron and ironing board that actually worked. Push mower or riding lawn mower and vaccum cleaner your sims could actually use. Who ever is making these packs do it right for the rest of us.

    • They did want to add iron/iron boards but only if they had leftover in the budget which they ended up not having as stuff packs have very limited resources compared to an GP or EP. If they were going to do hippies I would rather it be a SP like they did in the past. I think adding a little Harry Potter theme wouldn’t have been bad if it went along with ROM like having spell casters attend actual school (like a boarding school) and having easter eggs. It wouldn’t overpower the pack as it would still be generic. Unlike star wars which was too niche for the sims, had some good ideas put was poorly executed and was an EA money grab at its finest. If it had been more generic at least players who like space, aliens and played with aliens would’ve had a pack for them (and updated aliens because frankly they need the tier perk list that vampires have because they’re lacking) and I think that group is larger than the star wars group especially after reviewing this pack.

  • In winter, what belongs to winter is usually released, in summer, what belongs to summer. These are just my fantasies, but I think – can be a winter vacation in an alpine village, with hotels. Because the survey was an Alpine city.

  • I like the idea of hobbies, if they are going to bring back anything, I would want more dept in game play—please. But if I was them I would take the opportunity to make the game better by doing some of the items we requested.

    • I think that was a popular vote in the poll the team did regarding gameplay (and personality). I really think we need the sims to be fleshed out including updating the babies and the occults specifically mermaids and aliens and adding more everyday things that people use and do like hobbies. I really, really hope they take TS4 as a big lesson for what not to do with TS5. Granted TS5 isn’t going to be on a mobile engine like TS4 so that puts it way ahead at the starting gate.

    • Yeah I saw this and it would be different in a good way. The team hasn’t (that I know of) said it was or wasn’t accurate as they usually will say if something is fake if enough people mention it. I’m curious if the team would have murder in the title especially since their customers range in age and some of them require a parent to purchase so I would think the marketing team would ponder on if this will impact sales. Granted, the game isn’t bloody and even the deaths are that graphic. Maybe it’s not the final title. And if it drops around early November it would be perfect even though it’s after Halloween.