Star Wars: Journey to Batuu The Sims 4

The Sims 4 Star Wars Journey To Batuu: Aspirations Guide

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The Sims 4 Star Wars Journey to Batuu comes with four brand new Aspirations for your Sims to choose from. Both of the aspirations come under the new Star Wars category in the aspirations panel. Simply chose either Hope VS Order or Galactic Privateer to get started and begin your Star Wars adventure!

Galactic Privateer

“This Sim isn’t about choosing sides, they’re happy just mingling among the smugglers, and bounty hunters on the fringe planet of Batuu. Earning a few extra credits along the way is just a bonus, no matter how they get them.”

First Steps

  • Order a drink at Oga’s Cantina
  • Play 5 Rounds of Sabacc
  • Reach Programming Level 3

Scum and Villainy

  • Swindle 2 Sims
  • Complete 5 Missions for the Scoundrel Faction
  • Open Supply crate

Lovable Rogue

  • Successfully Bribe a First Order Stormtrooper
  • Skim Credits from 3 Control Panels
  • Successfully Cheat and Win at Sabacc

Galactic Privateer

  • Have more than 5,000 Galactic Credits
  • Explore 5 times in the Millennium Falcon
  • Reach Scoundrel Reputation Rank 5

Completion Reward: Reward Trait

Sleight of Hand – Sims with a Sleight of Hand can Pickpocket other Sims and will never get caught cheating at Sabacc.

Hope VS Order

“On the world of Batuu there is a growing conflict. This Sim is out to explore Black Spire Outpost and understand whether they should stand with the Resistance of the First Order.”

First Steps

  • Visit Every Neighbourhood on Batuu
  • Ask About Resistance or First Order presence on Batuu
  • Complete a Mission for the Resistance or First Order Faction

Completion Reward: Reward Trait

A Gift of Credits – A payment of credits by your chosen faction for your support in their cause

The next two aspirations unlock once your Sim has completed both Hope Vs Order and Galactic Privateer aspirations and you can start with either. Both of the new aspirations are tailored towards either the Resistance or the First Order. You are able to freely swap between the aspirations as well as being able to change the faction your Sim is a part of.

Paragon of Hope

“This Sim looks to be the spark of hope that disrupts the First Order’s operations on Batuu and aid the Resistance cause.”

For The Resistance

  • Introduce Self to 3 Resistance Members
  • Explore the Caves of Batuu
  • Complete 2 Missions for the Resistance

Protector of Batuu

  • Recruit 3 Sims to the Resistance
  • Obtain a Droid Companion
  • Override Locks and Loot 2 Supply Crates in the First Order District

Paragon of Hope

  • Infiltrate the First Order Cargo Building and Slice the Holotable
  • Explore 5 times in the X-wing
  • Reach Resistance Reputation Rank 5

Completion Reward: Reward Trait

Heroic Presence – Heroic Sims gain Charisma more easily, and can also inspire other Sims with their presence.

Enforce of Order

“This Sim is out to prove their loyalty to the First Order by stamping out the Resistance presence on Batuu.”

Counter- Operative

  • Recruit 3 Sims to join the First Order
  • Seize Goods From 2 Supply Crates in Black Spire Outpost
  • Complete 2 Missions for the First Order

Do Not Resist

  • Check ID of 5 Batuu Citizens
  • Obtain a Droid Companion
  • Arrest a Member of  the Resistance

Enforcer of Order

  • Infiltrate the Resistance Bunker and Slice the Holotable
  • Explore 5 times in the TIE echelon
  • Reach First Order Reputation Rank 5

Completion Reward: Reward Trait

Supreme Authority: Sims with Supreme Authority have an edge during fights and can show their might, encouraging other Sims to back down from hostile socials with them. These Sims are also less likely to die from anger.

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