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SimGuruDuke Addresses Recent Patch Concerns

SimGuruDuke who is one of the senior producers for The Sims 4, has shared an update on Twitter in regards to the recent skin tone update that came as part of the October patch

Below you can find the full thread from SimGuruDuke.

As soon as more information about the upcoming solution is revealed, we will make sure to update you.

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  • Omg imagine having a huge team creating a life simulation game (the fourth in a successful series) based entirely around people, and taking six years after release to make the human skin nice… Oop well done EA, you got there in the end sweetie… We’re getting sliders!
    Wait, what do you mean we have a colour wheel for placing random coloured hearts and star shapes on a raccoon?

  • Sure it’s late after six years but at least they are doing it now and want it to be good. Of course I don’t know how other people feel about it, but I never missed any skintones because I mostly create the whitest sims on earth^^ But yeah we should appreciate that they’re now working on that.

  • I assume that EA wants to continue developping and expanding The Sims 4 for the coming years rather than bringing out its sequal The Sims 5. Therefore, I think it is good that they’re improving basic things. Imagine if they wouldn’t only do that with skins, but with other elements too. That would bring a lot of improvement into the game without needing to start a complete new game, which players then would need to buy all over again (including all the expansion packs).

    • tbh, with the pandemic and the economic problems it has caused, i don’t know if the average simmmer is ready to invest in a whole new game — or maybe in a whole new computer AND game, if the game specs are more powerful than ts4.

  • i’ve always wondered why you can’t adjust the height of your sims, like for instance my fiancée was asking me why i can’t make her short because she’s not so tall and how to adjust the height. and i just said babe the game is limited option. she said that’s dumb, it’s supposed to be a sim of life but everyone has to be the same height. because of different ethnicities not everyone is the same height. that’s the point i’m trying to make

    • Agree we need little people sims and sims with disabilities like MS and that disabilities that has your spine and back all weird I forget what they call it

    • You cant because of the way the animations work. Freely adjusting the height will break the sim-sim animations (hug, kiss, anything that involves sims having contact with each other). There are custom sliders for this but they all come with a price.

      For teens (the life stage that is practically identical to young adults except they go to school and some other stuff), there is a mod made by menaceman that makes them slightly shorter (not enough to critically affect animations) and affects their apperance (more rounded faces, etc). It is in modthesims

  • You guys need to fix the grim reaper and sims they’re sometimes being idle but mostly the grim reaper is taking forever like hrs irl to reap

  • It’s exhausting reading these. I think we all want to hear from the decision makers behind the gurus making this so hard. This has been an issue for 20 years, not just the six S4 has been out. I’m tired of directing my anger and frustration at the wrong, already overworked, people.

  • I mean… I feel like all we hear is “We know it’s not perfect yet but we’re still working on it!” And it’s fine, keep working on it until it’s right, but I feel like we’re just parents who asked their kids to clean their bedroom six years ago and they’re still in there building crap with their Lego blocks and not cleaning and the room is just getting messier while the kids are coming out to show off their projects. It’s like y’all need to clean up your mess first, then we’ll talk about playing again.

  • Ok so from how that Twitter post reads, they did something behind the scenes to prepare for the upcoming skintone fixes. Why did the original notes not say that. Sounds like that would have curtailed some of the angry comments.

    • I’m pretty sure they did mention their full plan before the release of the last update. And then they said in the October patch notes exactly what they were fixing in that update. The plan was always to release the skin tones in November/December.

  • What about the fact that TheSims claims to be all enclusive, yet refuses to add in wheelchairs so that disabled people can play sims like themselves? I have posted to them multiple times on Twitter, and have always been told “We will NOT be adding wheelchairs.”

  • So tired of everyone constantly complaining about this game. It’s just a game, y’all. If you don’t like it, don’t play it. Literally none of the skin tones are good, but does it matter? No. Would it be nice to have infinite skin tones, heights, hair styles, disabilities, etc? Of course. But that’s not how the game was designed. Stop acting like this company owes you something. Either buy the product that’s here or don’t.

    • You know, I totally get where you’re coming from and I think most of us do. I think the community is mainly angry for three reasons:
      The fact that we spent money on it, expecting it to become a better game as they added more patches, when it’s let us down

      The fact that we lost so many amazing features from previous games for seemingly no valid reason other than ‘performance issues’ which is a bit rich considering the things modern achieve without screwing ‘performance’

      And lastly just the wasted potential. I don’t see any good reason why there couldn’t be more and better skin tones from the start. They’re not that difficult to make, Ive seen people do it on YouTube, and it’s not like EA can whine about budget or anything.

      But yeah, that’s what I’m doing now, exactly what you said, just not paying for what’s there because I don’t like it.

  • This is great! To all the people upset no one started complaining about this (to this degree of shade in the comments) until like a year or so ago when people got “woke”.

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