Next The Sims 4 Update will let you Vacation in ANY World!

ScreenRant has revealed some more information about the next update for The Sims 4!

In an exclusive preview The Sims Team confirmed to ScreenRant that the next update for The Sims 4 will allow you to send your Sims to vacation in ANY World. This feature will be functional thanks to the Rental Lots being unlocked for any World now, not just Vacation Worlds.

Mount Komorebi is both a vacation destination world and a residential world. When players take a vacation there, as in other vacation worlds, they will need to stay in a rental property. As part of the free base-game update that comes with this pack, players can now take a vacation to any world, not just the vacation worlds, though rental properties will not be available for families vacationing in the residential worlds right now.

This means that Mount Komorebi won’t be the only exotic place for your Sims to Vacation in. If, for example, you have The Sims 4 Island Living Expansion Pack installed you’ll be able to create your own Rental Lot and send your Sims to vacation in the world of Sulani!

However, the next update won’t let you turn Vacation Worlds like Granite Falls (from Outdoor Retreat) and Selvadorada (from Jungle Adventure) into Residental Worlds.

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