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The Sims 4 introduces Age-Locked Rooms with Platforms

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Okay. You’ve probably heard about Platforms coming to The Sims 4 and some of their great possibilities.

Creating platforms to create your own staircase module all the way to the top? Yup, that’ll be possible.

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Going deep down into the ground to create in-ground seperated platforms? Of course!


With so many platforming possibilities you’ll be able to flesh out your lot and give it more dimension than ever before. However, did you know that platforms also introduce height-sensitive rooms?

With the latest update Sims will begin to notice how much space they have above them and if they’ll be able to fit into rooms that don’t match their height. This limitation was especially important because platforms can be placed wherever you want, even inside closed down spaces.

This means that with platforms you’ll be able to create rooms inside your home that are both exclusive to children and toddlers!

I tested this feature out by elevating one of the children rooms in my game. I elevated the room, added a staircase so my Child Sim could properly enter her own bedroom and tested out the space. All of the objects inside the elevated room were completely usable for the Child Sim!

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However, the same thing couldn’t be said for her parents who tried to access the room as well. The new update added a small new animation that lets you know when Sims can’t access a place that doesn’t fit their height. Surprise surprise – the parents couldn’t interact with any of the objects in the room nor were they able to obey my “Go Here” interactions.

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With platforms you’ll be able to create a real-life dollhouse for your Children and Toddlers to play in – and I can’t wait to check them out once the update goes live in the next few days because I simply suck at building.

Huge thanks to Steph0Sims for letting me know about this neat feature!

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