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The Sims 4 Snowy Escape: Becoming Emotionally Mindful & Surging Emotions


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The Sims 4 Snowy Escape Expansion Pack lets your Sims enter the state of zen and completely change their emotions that you select!

Becoming emotionally mindful is a process that usually lasts for one or two Sim days, depending on how much time you plan to devote to pamper your Sims and distract them from stressful activities.

There several ways you can enter the emotionally mindful state so you can Surge Emotions. However, you’d first have to reach the first stepping stone of becoming Emotionally Mindful. One of the best ways I discovered to reach the first Emotionally Mindful state is to take a Meditative Walk on one of the hiking trails.

mindful 1

It might take more than one hike to reach the first level of the Emotionally Mindful state. Something that might increase your difficulty are critters that might spawn during your hike so make sure you have an Anti-Bug spray in your inventory before you go hiking!

The Sims 4 Snowy Escape: Becoming Emotionally Mindful & Surging Emotions

You’ll know that your Sim has reached the first level of becoming Emotionally Mindful by getting the sparkly new “Emotionally Mindful” buff that’s worth +4 Fine points. However, the grind to relaxing and unwinding doesn’t stop there.

Reaching the final state of being Emotionally Mindful takes some time and various different activities. For example, while being on the first level of this state you’ll have to do activities such as Painting, relaxing in the Hot Springs Tub, Fishing or going for Mindful Walks – which is a new self-interaction that you unlock while being on the first Emotionally Mindful level.

If you have The Sims 4 Spa Day Game Pack installed you’ll also be able to help progress emotional mindfullness through massages and other spa activities!

I’ve had my Sim do almost all of those things because it’s really not that easy to unlock the final level.

In total it took maybe 6 to 8 Sim Hours of relaxing activities for my Sim to reach the complete Emotionally Mindful state. You’ll know your Sim has reached the state after their Emotionally Mindful buff has progressed to a +10 “Controlled Emotions” Fine buff.

mindful 13

This state unlocks the ability to Surge Emotions! To do so, click on your Sim and select the Surge Emotions option. From there you’ll be able to choose from all 15 different emotional states.

mindful 15

The interactions have different names compared to their emotional state. However the colored icons on the left will help you determine the emotion you want! There are 15 states to choose from:

  • Fury (Very Angry)
  • Ecstatic (Very Happy)
  • Depressed (Very Sad)
  • Confusion (Dazed)
  • Centered (Very Focused)
  • Can’t Focus (Very Uncomfortable)
  • Bold (Very Confident)
  • Apathy (Bored)
  • Time for Fun (Very Playful)
  • Shameful (Very Embarrassed)
  • Ready for Action (Very Energized)
  • Passion (Very Flirty)
  • On Edge (Tense)
  • Ingenuity (Very Inspired)

mindful 18

The reason I’ve put most of the emotions in their superlative state because the surged emotion of your choice will give a strong +4 buff that lasts for 12 hours.

The Sims 4 Snowy Escape: Becoming Emotionally Mindful & Surging Emotions

You won’t be able to Surge Emotions again after you’ve chosen the emotion of your choice unless you decide to start your Emotionally Mindful journey again.

Please note that if your Sim already has some positive (or negative) moodlets beforehand they’ll contribute to the superlative of your Sim’s emotional state. Considering that the surged emotional state is very strong, they might add into making your Sim Hysterical, Mortified or Enraged – which could result in death from laughter, embarrassment or anger!


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