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EA expects 2021 to be “another strong year” for The Sims 4


EA has released their official prepared remarks from their Q2 2021 Fiscal Year report where they talked about all of their games, current profits and plans for the future.

EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson also talked about The Sims 4 and the growth of the game and its community. He shared two interesting facts: the first one being that The Sims 4’s player base is now the biggest in the history of The Sims Franchise. The other interesting information is that they expect the next year to be another strong year for The Sims 4 – presumably in new content and releases.

Check out what they’ve said:

  • Around the world, our multi-platform Sims community continues to grow, and our Sims 4 player base on PC and console is now the largest in franchise history.
  • The Sims 4 and Apex Legends show how we build great live services into strong ongoing businesses. This quarter we’ll launch our 10th expansion pack for The Sims 4, along with some important game updates that add even more cultural customization options for players.
  • We also expect another very strong year for The Sims 4, a testament to the strength of that community as it enters the seventh year of live service.

EA expects 2021 to be “another strong year” for The Sims 4

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