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EA starts a new Live The Sims Life Marketing Campaign

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It’s definitely been a while since Electronic Arts has done an in-real-life Marketing Campaign to promote The Sims 4. The last marketing campaign that we had was “You Rule” all the way back in 2014 which…only lasted for a few months before the promotional videos got taken down from The Sims’ official YouTube channel for unknown reasons. Thankfully the progress of this marketing campaign and some of the examples are still up and you can check them out here!

EA starts a new Live The Sims Life Marketing Campaign

Just a few days ago The Sims official website has listed a new page called “Live The Sims Life”. Inside of this page are 4 different promotional “Live The Sims Life” videos that compare some of The Sims moments to real life. Most of the situations can be done and performed in The Sims 4 however I’m not too sure about the last video where the character jumps into her bedroom pool straight from bed. Huh, maybe it’s just a metaphor.

Anyways, you can check out all the 4 different promotional videos down below!


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