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SECURE YOUR CUSTOM CONTENT: Mediafire is deleting old accounts and content


Since the beginning of The Sims Franchise creators have been coming up with all sorts of Mods and Custom Content to further expand The Sims universe with new clothing, objects and gameplay modifications. Plenty of creators, from The Sims 1 all up until The Sims 4 days have been storaging their CC in their Mediafire accounts. Now, it turns out that 20+ years of content might be in danger thanks to Mediafire’s decision to “abandon” old, inactive accounts starting January 2021.

Twitter user @textfiles reports that several folks have received an official email from Mediafire, stating that their account will be classified as “abandoned” if their accounts don’t meet certain requirements. All “abandoned” Mediafire accounts will have all of their content removed starting in January 2021 if they don’t reach the criteria by then. It’s not known exactly which accounts might be affected by this decision. Still, considering that many creators have uploaded their content since The Sims 1 era it’s safe to say that most accounts will be considered as “abandoned” by January.

Plenty of creators nowadays still use Mediafire among other hosting solutions such as SimFileShare, MEGA and more to storage their content. Guessing which accounts might get axed by January might not be the best idea, so if you want to ensure your favorite creations are safe and sound, revisit your favorite creators’ download pages and ensure you have the content storaged from Mediafire safe in your Mods folder before January.

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