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The Sims 4 adds Dynamic Lighting Feature for Supported PC Peripherals

The Sims 4’s latest update brought a shiny new feature for those who play The Sims 4 on PC!

As explained in the patch notes:

Simmers with a Razer Chroma enabled setup (Single Zone Chroma RGB Lighting is not supported) can get more immersed in The Sims by extending the experience to your desktop. The Razer Chroma lighting will reflect the moods of your selected Sims*, colors that match the theme of the secret world you are visiting and more. You can disable the dynamic lighting in Game Options > Other if this is something you don’t fancy as well.

There’s now a brand new option in Game Options > Other called Enable Keyboard Dynamic Lighting. This feature will make supported peripherals light up in the color of The Sims 4 and the emotions of the Sims that you are playing!

At the moment the only supported brand of PC Peripherals is Razer – which goes beyond just the “Keyboard” that they’ve mentioned. I’ve got a chance to test out this feature myself on my PC Setup and it works both for my Razer Keyboard and Mouse. I’ve also seen a few reports saying that Razer Headphones also support this new feature!

When in the Main Menu your Razer setup will have a spinning plumbob effect with bright green and white spinning all across your peripherals! Check out the preview below:

You can also see what it looks like in action down below:

As soon as you load up your saved game the peripherals will correspond to the emotion of the Sim you’ve selected. Did you select an Angry Sim from your household? All of the supported peripherals will turn red immediately!

Here’s to hoping that RGB Peripherals from different brands get this cool feature in the near future!

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