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Sims Community Share: The Sims 4 Builds of the week!


Sul Sul Simmers, Jazzy here with a brand new weekly segment for The Sims Community…. Sims Community Share! Every week I will be searching Twitter and the gallery for some of my favourite builds from you, the community. There are hundreds, thousands, heck maybe millions of AMAZING, talented builders and I want to make sure that we can showcase as many as physically possible. To make my life a whole lot easier, and to be in with a chance of getting featured in these weekly segments, use #SimsCommunityShare with your best screenshots in the gallery and on Twitter and Instagram and help me find beautiful builds. So here it goes… my favourite 5 from this week!

Indigo_Builds – Gardener’s Mobile Home

Sims Community Share: The Sims 4 Builds of the week!

Why I Love This Build

I mean… what’s not to love? I am a sucker for any build with a trillion plants, but this build has such a unique shape and look that just really sang to me. I love mobile home builds, but this one was definitely a little bit different to those that I have seen before. I love the little garden with the tree stumps, I adore the general colour scheme and honestly, I just want to live there in the sims and in real life. When can I move in?

Twitter: Indigo_Builds
Origin: Indigo_Builds

Myshunosun – Senbamachi Square

Sims Community Share: The Sims 4 Builds of the week!

Why I Love This Build

I literally fell in love with this little square as soon as the lovely Myshunosun tagged me in their beautiful creation on Twitter. The first thing I noticed about this build was the stunning, warm colour palette, it’s so inviting. I also really love the little seating area gazebo they’ve created outside.

The inside of each little building is just as gorgeous as the outside too. The attention to detail is amazing and I can’t wait to include this build into my game.

Twitter: myshunosun
Origin: myshunosun

Miss Unfortunate – University Townhouse

Sims Community Share: The Sims 4 Builds of the week!

Why I Love This Build

Ahhhhh this townhouse is adorable! If you have a University save then this build will fit in just perfectly. Every time I look at this build closely, I notice something different that I just love. From the beautiful colours they’ve chosen to the inspired driveway and not to mention the attention to detail on the outside wall foliage.

Each of these little townhouses also has the cutest of back gardens for the ultimate University parties. I can’t wait to move my University sims in!

Twitter: MissUnf0rtunate
Origin: MissUnf0rtunate

Schnuck01 – Modern Gable Home

Sims Community Share: The Sims 4 Builds of the week!

Why I Love This Build

The angles… do I need to say more? This build is an absolute master class in building in my opinion! I love everything about this build – The clean lines and colours, the simplicity, it’s just perfection. I really appreciate the window indents they have created for this, and the simple but effective use of the platform tool for the steps leading up to the front door.

The inside of this build is just as beautiful as the outside… make sure you check out the really cool fireplace and corner sofa they have made. It’s safe to say I am SUPER jealous of the sim that gets to live here.

Twitter: TheREALschnuck
Origin: Schnuck01

RachelPedd – Dream Starter Home

Sims Community Share: The Sims 4 Builds of the week!

Why I Love This Build

I really love seeing how Simmers can create beautiful starter builds… and this one is utter perfection. The outside has a beautifully clean design, whilst the inside is cosy, fresh, charming and incredibly homely all at the same time. Eco lifestyle is one of my favourite packs, so I really like the use of its items in the build.

Finished off with the cutest, loveliest landscaping, a brand new sim will be incredibly lucky to have this as their starter home.

Twitter: RachelPedd
Origin: RachelPedd

Thank you so so much for reading everyone! I will be back next week to showcase another 5 of my favourite builds of the week, so make sure you tell your friends to use #SimsCommunityShare to showcase their wonderful creations. Dag Dag!

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