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The Sims 4: Bunk Beds and their Functionality

03 23 21 5 04 58 PM

A while back, The Sims Team teased bunk beds coming to the game in late March. Today, the update that brings us bunk beds has finally arrived after seven long years of waiting for this highly requested feature.

Let’s dive right into all the ways the new bunk beds can be used!

Build/Buy Information

There are four variants of bunk beds in the Build/Buy catalogue; one loft and one bunk in two separate styles each.

The Sims 4: Bunk Beds and their Functionality

Although the bunks appear to be a separate object, they are actually the same object as the loft style beds. The bottom beds can be pulled out and swapped with other beds and a limited number of one tile objects. Both single beds and toddler beds can be snapped into the bottom bunk slot. The only single beds and toddler beds that don’t snap into the bottom bunk slot are the ones with canopies, so the Parenthood canopy single bed and the Eco Lifestyle toddler bed are not compatible with this feature.

Below are the object descriptions and prices of each catalogue entry:

In-Game Functionality

You’ll notice that the functionality of bunk beds appears to be rather limited without the use of cheats; only single beds and toddler beds can be slotted underneath without using any cheats, making the loft style beds kind of… pointless?

However, with the use of the cheat bb.moveobjects on, some additional items can be placed underneath the top bunk while retaining functionality. Almost any single-tile object and objects that have been sized down to be single-tile can be placed under the top bunk farthest away from the ladder. We tested various objects, such as single-tile desks and dressers, toy boxes, sized down dollhouses, stuffed animals, some short single-tile bookcases, and even mini-fridges with microwaves on top. All of these items remain completely functional and the top bunk can still be used by a Sim.

Children and older Sims can use the top bunks. Toddlers cannot use the top bunks but can sleep in a toddler bed slotted into the bottom frame.

The Sims 4: Bunk Beds and their Functionality

In-Game Limitations

While the new bunk beds can be used in some different ways, they do still have quite a few limitations. The space next to the ladder in the centre of the bed has to be completely clear, otherwise Sims will not be able to use the top bunk. This of course does not apply to the single and toddler beds that snap into the bottom frame but everything else is subject to this drawback. This immediately eliminates the majority of items in the game that a player might want to place underneath a loft bed, like two-tile dressers, desks, and even double beds. If it has a two-tile footprint, it will not work with the loft bed above, no matter what you do.

As an example of a setup that sadly does not work, Sims can get into the double bed on the bottom in the picture below from both sides; however, the top bunk is not functional even though the ladder looks like it should be clear. This is quite a disappointment to players who were hoping for a little more versatility with these new bunk beds than what we currently have.

The Sims 4: Bunk Beds and their Functionality

Still, there is hope! SimGuruNinja addressed these concerns from players today in a tweet, mentioning that this is only the first iteration of bunk beds to be added to the game. This implies that there will be more coming in the future and that perhaps they will have a wider range of functionality than the ones added to the game today.

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