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There is a real life Simlish Dictionary out there, but…

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It’s not for everyone!

Have you ever wondered how do voice actors find their way around to some of the words and catchphrases in The Sims? Sure, some of the words in this made-up language, or Simlish as we all know, are entirely nonsensical, but there are a lot of words and phrases in Simlish that actually have a meaning.

You’ve probably noticed that there are a few phrases in the game that logically repeat. If your Sims are interacting and socializing with a baby they’ll refer to them as “NooBoo”, if they’re greeting their friend they’ll say “Sul Sul” and if they simply want to count to three they’ll say “Mik, Mak, Maka”. In fact there is an entire fanmade blog called Simlish Dictionary that managed to catch some of these phrases and find an actual meaning to them, you can check out the preview to some of the words and their meaning below:

There is a real life Simlish Dictionary out there, but…

However this fanmade dictionary only has a few phrases and words that actually have a logical translation to them. The real, official Simlish Dictionary exists at this very moment but it’s only available to Voice Actors for The Sims 4.

Luckily enough Krizia Bajos, one of the Voice Actors for The Sims 4 who is giving the voice for the Lilit Voice Type has shared some interesting facts and previews of what goes on behind Simlish, as well as her official Simlish dictionary.

She showcased this Simlish Dictionary in one of her first Sims TikToks after doing a Simlish Voiceover Challenge:

This Simlish Word Bible is full of pages and pages of official Simlish phrases. Unfortunately as she explained in the TikTok below the full dictionary is only for her private use. The book is a collection of all the phrases and meanings she gathered over the course of the last 9 years during which The Sims 4 has been constantly in development. As she explained to us in an Instagram comment:

I dunno about “official” but I have put this little black book together during the almost NINE (!) years of working on the game. I believe I’m the only one who has this … since I created it 🙂

This talented Voice Actor did however share a lot of cool meanings and words on her TikTok. For example she sang an entire Happy Birthday song in Simlish without even having to think twice about what the translation to Simlish is!


Reply to @taylormfey HBD!

♬ original sound – Krizia Bajos

Krizia also just recently started her mini-series on TikTok, the Simlish Lessons, explaining some of the Simlish phrases and meanings in detail that you can check out below:

We can expect more fun facts and tidbits for Simlish from Krizia Bajos so make sure you give her a follow on TikTok!

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