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The Sims 4: Complete Aspirations Overhaul + 25 New Aspirations Mod

The Sims 4: Complete Aspirations Overhaul + 25 New Aspirations Mod

Are you looking for a bit more challenge when completing Aspirations in The Sims 4? Do you want your Sims to stand out more with their fulfilled Aspirations? You’re in luck because there’s a brand new Mod which not only overhauls the existing Aspirations but also adds 25 new ones!

The first part of the Mod was created about a year ago by the talented ky-e modder on ModTheSims. The goal of the Mod was to completely break down and redesign the Aspirations giving them only one, hard to achieve goal, making the Aspirations much harder to achieve, but with bigger Satisfaction Point Rewards.

This mod reworks Aspirations to get rid of their multiple levels/goals. Instead, they now have only one goal. They also all reward the same amount of satisfaction points (5,000). The result is a game which doesn’t just encourage following a single path, and makes Sims feel more individual. It also encourages exploring different areas of the game. I don’t think I’ve played certain careers or done certain activities ever just because they weren’t tied to an Aspiration, and this mod helps alleviate that issue.

Rather than just encouraging your Sims to perform the same set of interactions and goals in order to achieve a certain Aspiration, only one final goal is required – leaving you more space and creativity for fulfilling your Aspiration.

The Sims 4: Complete Aspirations Overhaul + 25 New Aspirations Mod

The Mod got updated just a few days ago with 25 new Aspirations!

These Aspirations revolve around certain Careers that unfortunately never got covered by a specific official Aspiration before. This Mod adds that plus a lot more with hard-to-achieve Career goals and dramatic new relationship Aspirations!

Check out the full list of these Custom Aspirations below! Please note that there are some Custom Aspirations that require certain Packs that come with certain Careers in order for the Aspiration to work and be completed:

  • Hall of Famer – Reach Level 10 of the Fitness Career in the Professional Athelete Track
  • Indie Developer – Have Earned $100,000 in Royalties from Developing Video Games or Apps
  • Undercover Agent – Base Game Deviance – Reach Level 10 of the Secret Agent Career
  • Black Widow – Suffer the Deaths of 3 (Preferably Wealthy) Spouses
  • Mega CEO – Reach Level 10 of the Business Career
  • Star Trekker – Reach Level 10 of the Astronaut Career
  • Getting Around – Woohoo with 30 Different Sims
  • Homewrecker – Convince 20 Married Sims to Leave their Spouses
  • Trend Setter – Reach Level 10 of the Style Influencer career
  • Opinionated – Reach Level 10 of the Critic career
  • Charitable – Reach Level 10 of the Politician career in the Charity Organizer track
  • Media Guru – Reach Level 10 of the Social Media career
  • World Leader – Reach Level 10 of the Politician Career in the Politician track
  • Legally Sim – Reach Level 10 of the Law Career
  • Master Educator – Reach Level 10 of the Education Career
  • Mechanical Genius – Reach Level 10 of the Engineer Career
  • Private Eye – Reach Level 10 of the Detective Career
  • Mad Scientist – Reach Level 10 of the Scientist Career
  • Top Surgeon – Reach Level 10 of the Doctor Career
  • Conservationist – Reach Level 10 of the Conservationist Career
  • Flower Power – Gift 10 Orchid-Scented Flower Arrangements
  • Queen Bee – Have Earned §50,000 from Selling Honey
  • Corporate Worker – Reach Level 10 of the Salaryperson Career
  • Self Care – Do Wellness Activities for 100 Hours
  • Master Chief – Reach Level 10 of the Military Career

Ready to try out the new Aspirations and the Aspiration Overhaul? Click the download button below!


You can install the mod easily by extracting the .zip contents to Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods folder. Make sure you enable CC / Mods in your Game Options!

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