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The Sims 4: New Previews and Info on CAS Preferences

In yesterday’s official livestream for The Sims 4 Dream Home Decorator Game Pack The Sims Team has officially shared the news that Like and Dislike Preferences will be coming to the Base Game for free!

The Base Game Preferences that will be included are Favorite Colors, Favorite Music and Favorite Hobbies and Interests. The category that’s exclusive to Dream Home Decorator Game Pack is the Favorite Decor, which will only be available for ages Teen and older.

SimGuruConor shared a few new sneek peaks at the upcoming Preferences. What’s interesting is that this feature will retroactively incorporate existing Music and Hobbies / Interests that we’ve gotten from previous Packs!

You can check out the previews for Music Preferences down below which feature music genres from previous DLC content:

When it comes to Hobbies and Interests a lot of general activities will be included in the Menu. As you can see down below activities such as Singing (City Living), Skiing and Snowboarding (Snowy Escape) and Wellness (Spa Day) are included in the list. We can expect A LOT MORE on the list after tomorrow’s update though since a lot of hobbies were incorporated through previous packs!

SimGuruConor also answered a few questions regarding the CAS Preferences. Sims won’t gain preferences or interests without your input first. You’ll be able to either manually asign them through Create A Sim or making your Sims enjoy in certain interests in Live Mode, which will prompt you to either Like or Dislike that certain activity.

When it comes to the feature potential of Preferences Conor stated that he’d love to see them expanded in the future. For now we’ll get the 4 Categories to choose from – if you count in The Sims 4 Dream Home Decorator Game Pack.

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