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Tell Me You Play The Sims Without Telling Me You Play The Sims

Some people say that your best ideas come to you when you least expect them to, or in my case it’s 3am, and I’ve been scrolling through TikTok when I should really be asleep. I had seen a lot of videos that were asking you to describe a topic without directly saying the topic but referencing something that people who know about that topic would and from there, the idea for this post was born!

A couple of days ago I hopped onto Twitter and asked the question, and I’ve honestly been blown away by how many people have responded with so many different answers! There is no right or wrong answer, just a bit of fun.

Of course, if you want to read through all the responses, you can check out the full Tweet here!

It wasn’t long before the replies started coming in, and I’ll be honest, I’ve found it hard to keep up! Out of the hundreds of responses ranging from setting the kitchen on fire while making a salad to no I don’t want free ear buds and everything in between, here are some of my many favourites.

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Hey, I'm Krista! Long time Simmer and Sims Community Staff. You'll usually find me hanging out in our Discord, in-game or creating articles!

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