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The Sims 4 Cottage Living: Animals and Gameplay Q&A


SimGuruRomeo went on Twitter to answer PLENTY of questions regarding the newly-announced Expansion Pack – The Sims 4 Cottage Living!

Down below we’ve listed all the important information shared during this Twitter Q&A session including new info about Create A Sim, Animals, Gameplay and World. Check it out!


  • We are adding a good variety of male clothing for this pack.


  • (The Pond Tool) will function in conjunction with terrain tool. You will use the terrain tool to dig the hole you want, and then you will use a separate water tool to fill said hole to your desired height.
  • The oversized crops are brand new crops, and function slightly differently than your normal gardening plants.
  • For the same reasons Sims are unable to Swim, Sims are unable to Skate on ponds.
  • Ducks are one of the many Pond VFX that players can place using the new Pond Tool. The Pond Tool will also be a free base game update for everyone when Cottage Living drops.


  • Cows, Llamas, and Chickens will not take up a household slot. You will be able to place an Animal Shed and purchase either a cow or llama for the shed. You will also be able to purchase a chicken coop and have up to 8 chickens per coop.
  • Bunnies and Birds can be found out in the wild. As you befriend these cuddly creatures you can purchase a rabbit or bird home for your lot to have them show up more often. They can also help out in the garden! These animals will also not take up a slot in your household.
  • Each shed will house a single cow or llama. But we intentionally did not build fences around the sheds, so you can place a couple sheds, in a fenced off area, next to each other and have a mini pasture of cows if you wanted.
  • You will be able to build relationship and name the rabbits, so they will hang around your lot a lot. It is almost like having them as a pet, without having to cage them. They are free spirits.
  • Once you befriend them you can place their home on any lot, but initially you will only find them in the new world.
  • Animals will eventually die of old age, but there are ways to keep them alive forever if you choose.
  • You can give names to animals.
  • There will be a lot more info around animal clothing soon, but animals will not do it [picking their clothes] autonomously. Have you ever seen a rabbit knit their own sweater?
  • All the wild animals in this pack will have relationships with your Sims, through a brand new gifting system.
  • [The new foxes] are true wild foxes, you will not be able to add them to your household like you can in Cats & Dogs.
  • We actually created all new animations for the fox. They will skulk about your lot and act more fox like. They also will get into your chicken coop.
  • Cows and Llamas will stay near their sheds, but they have a generous area for them to roam around in.
  • You will be able to negate the simolean cost for all knitting items by using Llama Wool.
  • Bunnies are not pets that you have to feed and constantly care for. They are pretty self sufficient. You can place their homes on your lot, assuming you have enough relationship with them. They will come and go as they please.
  • You will only be able to breed Chickens.
  • These animals are not available in CAS. However, you will be able to purchase various colors of Cows, Chickens, and Llamas. For Rabbits you will need to explore the world and befriend the rabbit in your desired color. You will also be able apply the animal clothing in game.
  • Placing a Rabbit Home from the catalog will allow them to hang out on your lot more often. You will not be able to add these animals directly to your household skewer, but you can access any of them through your relationship panel assuming you have built relationship with them.


  • We actually tied Canning to the cooking skill, but we do have a new skill coming in the pack. More info to come soon.
  • You will be able to pack your picnic basket and bring it to some very scenic locations in Henford-On Bagley. Once placed on a table you will be able to set up a picnic with a single interaction off the basket.
  • You can put the picnic basket in your Sims inventory, and enjoy a picnic on any table, and in any world.
  • We added a handful of new recipes to this pack to fit the cottage theme. Milk Bread is one of them. We added the ability to cook with a group of Sims. So, kids will not cook on their own but they can help their parents to make it a family activity!
  • We also added some additional things to children. More info to come.
  • We created a new “Lot Challenge” system, more info on that soon. All the lots in the new world will start with the “Wild Fox” challenge enabled. If you don’t want foxes to pester you, you will be able to disable that challenge, but who doesn’t want a cute cuddly fox hanging out?
  • We do not have a traditional career in the sense, but Sims can absolutely make a living raising and caring for their animals and new giant produce. There is also a system that we will talk about soon, called Village Errands. The locals will have lots for your Sims to do!
  • You will be able to purchase beef, chicken, and other ingredients from the local shop in town, or order it through the new Grocery Deliver service.
  • I am excited about the new deathS for this pack. More info soon. Also we do have a new woohoo spot =D
  • There is a local Grocery Stall in the village of Henford-on-Bagley. It is run by the local NPC Kim Goldbloom.
  • Yes, this bonus content is available for both Preorders and Purchases before September 2nd.
  • Cottage Living will not have any occults, but there is always a possibility for occults in the future.


  • Henford-on-Bagley comes with 3 neighborhoods with 4 lots each.
  • There is 1 64×64 in the countryside neighborhood. That is where we have our largest lots.
  • Lots of (world) inspiration from the Cotswold’s.
  • The new world of Henford-on-Bagley will have various locations Sims can swim off lot.

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