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The Sims 4 Cottagecore-Inspired Look Book!


We’re totally still on The Sims 4: Cottage Living hype train and couldn’t wait until July 22nd to start living our best cottage country life! If you’re like us and want to get a head start on all those warm, fuzzy cottagecore vibes, here are five looks to try! Each look is inspired by the popular cottagecore aesthetic.

The best part? These looks use no custom content and only one add-on pack each! So players who don’t have a lot of packs or custom content can play around with these looks themselves!

The Chicken Wrangler


The Sims 4 Cottagecore-Inspired Look Book!

Those feisty hens can be a hassle to get back in the coop but it’ll be no problem for your Sim in these sturdy boots and comfortable yet fashionable country clothes. A wide brimmed hat completes this rustic chic look and allows your Sim to be out in the chicken pen all day long without feeling the heat.


Hair: Spiral Waves (Base Game)

Outfit: Long-Sleeve Crop Top with Suspender Skirt (StrangerVille)

Shoes: Leather Work Boots (Base Game)

Accessories: Wide Brimmed Hat (Base Game) / Gloves (Base Game) / Leggings (Base Game) / Necklace (StrangerVille)

Makeup: Eyeliner / Blush / Lipstick (Base Game)

The Newsboy

The Sims 4 Cottagecore-Inspired Look Book!

Rural life just wouldn’t be the same without its fair share of local gossip and the handsome village newsboy is there to spill all the tea! He knows everything about everything that goes on in town. His rugged boots and worn-out jeans are a sign of his active occupation and who can resist that classic pageboy cap?


Hair: Side Part with Fade (Base Game) / Goatee (Base Game)

Top: Woven Sweater (Eco Lifestyle)

Bottom: Worn Out Jeans (Base Game)

Shoes: Lace Up Work Boots (Base Game)

Accessories: Pageboy Cap (Eco Lifestyle)

The Girl Next Door

The Sims 4 Cottagecore-Inspired Look Book!

Everyone knows her. Everyone loves her. The humble girl next door sports a comfy, classic country look, pairing comfy boots and a loose-fitting dress layered with a tasseled vest. Everyone wants to be her friend in this cute everyday rustic look… or maybe more than friends?


Hair: Shoulder-Length Side Part (Paranormal Stuff)

Outfit: Loose-Fitting Mini Dress with Vest (Paranormal Stuff)

Shoes: Calf-High Buckle Boots (Base Game)

Accessories: Newsgirl Cap (Base Game) / Leggings (Base Game) / Layered Necklaces (Paranormal Stuff)

Makeup: Eyeshadow / Eyeliner / Blush / Lipstick (Base Game)

The Farmhand

The Sims 4 Cottagecore-Inspired Look Book!

Got a broken fence that needs fixin’? Saddles that need polishin’? Hay bales that need haulin’? Look no further than the local farmhand! He’s always ready for any manual labour your farm might require and he’ll do it with a cheerful smile, a “How do you do?” and a tip of his wide-brimmed hat.


Hair: Short & Layered (Base Game) / Stubble (Base Game)

Top: Long-Sleeve Shirt with Vest (Jungle Adventure)

Bottom: Rolled Up Jeans (Base Game)

Shoes: Worn Out Lace Up Boots (Jungle Adventure)

Accessories: Explorer Hat (Jungle Adventure) / Gloves (Base Game)

The Little Socialite

The Sims 4 Cottagecore-Inspired Look Book!

When she’s not playing with chickens on her grandparents’ farm, the Little Socialite is skipping through the village streets, stopping to chat with anyone and everyone she meets. The elderly adore her, the young want to play with her, and who can blame them with her cute rubber rain boots and comfy layered attire that says “I love the country life!”


Hair: Braided Pigtails (Seasons)

Outfit: Jacket over Mini Dress with Leggings and Scarf (Seasons)

Shoes: Knee High Rubber Boots (Seasons)

Accessories: Newsgirl Cap (Base Game)

Which look is your favourite? Let us know in the comments or come chat with us on social media!

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