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10 Most Charming Locations in The Sims 4


The Sims 4 is known for its absolutely breathtaking worlds full of rich colours and vibrant details. Players who stop to explore the surroundings will find all sorts of hidden gems in unlikely places, as well as impressive views that would be impossible to miss. I took some time to gather up my top 10 favourite locations in The Sims 4, in no particular order.

Brindleton Bay’s Lighthouse

10 Most Charming Locations in The Sims 4

The lighthouse on Brindleton Bay’s island looks out over a breathtaking ocean view but it’s not just for show; Sims can actually visit the lighthouse and see the sights for themselves from the lighthouse’s platform. It’s a very romantic spot for dates and proposals. The lighthouse is even a WooHoo spot!

Britechester Ruins

10 Most Charming Locations in The Sims 4

Not far from the heart of Britechester lies the remains of a medieval castle. The mysterious circle underneath serves as the meeting place of Britechester’s secret society. While Sims can visit the stone circle and partake in secret society meetings there (provided they are a member), the ruins above are sadly not routable which is something I lament every time I go there.

The Hills of Del Sol Valley

10 Most Charming Locations in The Sims 4

Judith Ward has the best view in all of Del Sol Valley and I am so jealous. This gorgeous stone platform adorned with curated gardens nestled into the hills of Del Sol Valley is an award-winning sight to behold. You can see the whole city from this scenic spot. I love to give Judith alternative accommodations elsewhere and put a fancy wedding venue on this lot, instead. All my celebrity Sims tie the knot in the lap of luxury here and the area makes for some beautiful wedding photos.

Forgotten Hollow’s Swampy Grave

10 Most Charming Locations in The Sims 4

There can be beauty in the dark and unseen places and this spot in Forgotten Hollow proves it. I always find myself wondering about the story behind this area. Whose grave is this? Is the statue of the woman in the water connected somehow? This final resting place of an unknown Sim in the swamps of Forgotten Hollow is eerie, yet somehow peaceful.

Mt. Komorebi’s Wakaba District

10 Most Charming Locations in The Sims 4

This picturesque walkway in Mt. Komorebi’s Wakaba district offers a serene and thoughtful escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Even though the Wakaba area is Mt. Komorebi’s modern neighbourhood, it’s still a peaceful and relaxing place to raise a young family or just go sightseeing for a day.

Oasis Springs Waterfront

10 Most Charming Locations in The Sims 4

If you thought I would leave out the base game worlds, you thought wrong. Oasis Springs’ waterfront area still remains to this day one of my favourite places to visit in The Sims 4. This commercial strip offers lots for Sims to do, from gyms to bars to museums. The picturesque boardwalk offers playground equipment for the kids and relaxing spaces to fish, BBQ, and take in the sights. Sometimes in the afternoons, you can even spot a rainbow at the base of the waterfall.

Canyons of StrangerVille

10 Most Charming Locations in The Sims 4

Even though StrangerVille and Oasis Springs are both desert worlds, they have their own unique landscape and colour palette that makes them stand out from each other. The wealthy residents of StrangerVille enjoy a breathtaking view of the canyons below from their lush and inviting yards.

Sulani’s Lani St. Taz District

10 Most Charming Locations in The Sims 4

Mua Pel’am gets a lot of credit for being Sulani’s most beautiful area but Lani St. Taz is just as stunning. I love all the bridges connecting each little piece of land over shallow waters. At night, this place looks absolutely magical when the bridges are all lit up. It’s a perfect romantic spot for a date or maybe even a proposal!

The Sylvan Glade

10 Most Charming Locations in The Sims 4

This area might be unfamiliar to some. That’s because you can’t find this place on any map. The Sylvan Glade is a secret area that can only be found by interacting with a particular tree in the starter neighbourhood of Willow Creek. Once you find it, you’ll understand what makes it so special. It’s not just the sights of this twinkling magical place; it’s the sounds! The tinkling echoes of faerie laughter send good chills down my spine whenever I visit. The rainbow waterfall is also a great place to catch rare fish! Using the cheat bb.enablefreebuild will even allow you to build in this area!

Von Haunt Estate Chalet Gardens

10 Most Charming Locations in The Sims 4

Windenburg was the very first full-size world added to the game in an expansion pack and it remains to this day one of the most beautiful worlds in the game. If you haven’t paid a visit to the Von Haunt Estate, you don’t know what you’re missing! The expansive gardens around the lot itself are huge and there are lovely surprises waiting for you around every corner. Learn about the history of Lord and Lady Shallot as you stroll through the gardens. Paint at Lord Bernard’s famous lookout point over the hedge maze, or get lost inside the maze itself! Enjoy an afternoon under the gazebo or even marry the love of your life down by the water.

What’s your favourite location in The Sims 4? Did you learn about some of these locations for the first time today? Let me know in the comments!

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