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Revisiting The Sims 4’s Base Game Reveal

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Every now and then my YouTube feed decides to throw a few surprises into my homepage, and recently it has been videos from the very start of The Sims 4’s era. Initially I thought it was just a one off as I had been watching the E3 Streams from this year and older announcement videos as well as my normal The Sims videos from various creators.

First up, I was given the E3 2014 Gameplay presentation for The Sims 4.

The Sims 4: E3 2014 Gameplay Presentation

I actually remember watching this reveal live and was honestly so surprised at how different The Sims 4 looked at the time, but also how excited I was that there was a new game on the horizon. Even watching the reveal of The Sims 4 now, you can see some of the things that changed, mainly from when that was shown to when the game launched a few months later. The most notable changes was with the user interface.

Of course, the first time that we saw  The Sims 4 was actually the previous year at Gamescom in 2013. This was when SimGuruJill showed us the pre-alpha version of The Sims 4 Create A Sim. Even now, it’s interesting to see just how far the Base Game has come since that moment.

The Sims Live Broadcast - The Sims 4 at Gamescom 2013

After watching both of the presentations, I decided to take a look at a few more of the pre-release videos that were used to help promote the games upcoming launch. It felt somewhat nostalgic looking back at the videos prior to The Sims 4 release. For me, it was around the same time that I started to get back into The Sims properly again.

There was a real feeling of excitement seeing Sims becoming smarter and giving you the more ways to make your stories come to life and be just that little more weird than they were before.

The more I browsed through the pre-launch videos the more I remember thinking about what I would explore first in game and what I wanted to do. The feelings of anticipation and wanting the game to launch  sooner than its September date were very real as well. I couldn’t wait to jump in and create my own weirder stories!

I really enjoyed looking back at all of the video but The Sims 4 Academy videos were my favourite ones. They were only short videos but covered a few not so much random topics, but not necessarily topics that would come to mind straight away when thinking about The Sims. However, they were always delivered in a way that really embraced the new weirder side of The Sims 4. Lesson 6 was the funniest one out of all the Academy videos in the way it was done.

The Sims 4 Academy: Advanced Woohoo - Lesson 6: Personalities

I couldn’t help but also think about how The Sims 4’s launch overall was pretty positive and well-received except we were missing Pools, Ghosts and Toddlers to start with. Now while these were added at a later date it did feel a little peculiar that there were missing at launch. Even now, looking back at each of the releases and updates we’ve had, it’s amazing to see just how far The Sims 4 has come since it was first revealed in 2013. While yes, there are still aspects of the game that need revisiting and there are still a number of features many Simmers would love to see added into the game The Sims 4 really has come a long way.

Let us know what you initial thoughts were from when you first discovered The Sims 4 in the comments below!

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