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The Sims 4 Cottage Living: Cross-Stitch Skill Guide


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The Sims 4 Cottage Living introduces our Sims to the world of cross-stitch. The brand-new skill has plenty to offer along with a variety of different patterns for your Sims to try their hand at!

“Nothing says love and patience like a carefully stitched piece of art! Cross-stitch pieces are perfect for decorations, selling, or as a gift for the little critter hanging around your garden. Choose from three different size hoops and get stitching! Just beware of resting stitch face!” 

Getting started is easy!

The first thing you will need to do is purchase the Make It Sew Cross-stitch Kit. This can be found in the Study category under Hobbies and Skills. Alternatively, you can visit the Gardening Shop in Finchwick, where you can buy the Cross-stitch hoops.

The Cross-stitch hoops come in small ($30), medium ($40)  and large ($50) sizes. These can be found under the miscellaneous section of the store. You can also buy Llama Wool from the Garden Shop if you need some, although it is completely optional for this skill.

Starting a Pattern

To start a new Cross-stitch project, simple head to the Make It Sew Cross-stitch Kit or one of the hoops that can be found in your inventory.  When you first start off with the Cross-Stitch skill, you’ll only be able to create Simple patterns. The higher your skill level, the more options there will be.

Types of Patterns

There are a variety of different patterns that your Sims can Cross-stitch, from simple patterns to more complex patterns.

  • Simple
  • Food
  • Nature
  • Phrases & Mascots
  • Sims & Animals

As your Sims Cross-stitching skills develop, you will also be able to paint from reference and works in the same way the Paint from Reference feature works.

It’s important to remember that each project will cost your Sim. It is also optional to use Llama wool and can reduce the cost of certain cross-stitch patterns.

Skill Levels Overview

Skill LevelUnlocked Patterns
OneRainbows, Shapes and Stick Figures.

Sims can also use Llama wool for more of a home-made feel.
TwoInspirational & Funny Quotes
ThreeFood - Pumpkins, Mushrooms & Berries
FourAnimals - Foxes, Chickens and Gnomes

More Foods
FiveStitch by Reference

While you do unlock more cross-stitch patterns as you level up, you will also unlock even more by talking to other Sims as well as the wildlife who may have some extra patterns for you. Be sure to talk to Sims in other worlds and not just Henford-on-Bagley either!

Next Steps

Now that your Sim is mastering the Cross-stitch skill, you might be wondering what to do next. You have a few options.

  • Decorate your home with your cross-stitch creations
  • Gift them to friends and family
  • Sell them on Plopsy
  • Sell them to Vendors
  • Give them as a Finchwick Favor
  • Get out and about and make unique cross-stitch pieces using the Stitch from Reference option

Let us know what you think of the new Cross-stitch skill in the comments or over on our social media!

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