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10 Funniest Simlish Expressions


Despite not being an official language one can learn to speak fluently, Simlish is still a varied and nuanced fictional language. Over the years, the expressions have changed slightly between Sims games but a select few expressions from both the past and the present stick out in my mind because they were funny or puzzling or both.

Here are my top 10 funniest Simlish expressions!

Choo Waga Choo Choo!


This is a classic Simlish expression roughly translating to “I can’t move because there’s something in the way!” That something is probably a smelly plate someone left on the floor by the front door, which makes this expression hilarious every time the Sims say it. They are full-on having a meltdown over an object they could easily step over… or just pick up and put in the dishwasher like a normal person.

Feebee Lay!


We’ve all been there. Gotten so hungry that we became angry. Hangry, if you will, but Sims take hangry to a whole new level. When they become desperately hungry, they will wave their arms dramatically, grab their stomach, and then point to their mouth while shouting this expression which I can only imagine means “Feed me NOW!” It cracks me up every time.

Common Snana?


This is an old expression younger Simmers may not remember because I haven’t heard it since The Sims 1. Sims would often say this on the phone and the way Sims said it made it so funny to me that I still remember it 21 years later. I imagine it means something like “How are you?” but asking the same person how they are 27 times in the same phone conversation seems a tad passive aggressive. Just saying.



We all know “nooboo” in Simlish means “baby.” Sims will go “Awww nooboo!” when cuddling with a newborn baby… but they also say it during WooHoo which gives the word “baby” an entirely different meaning! Turns out nooboo is a very versatile expression and I can’t help but snort every time I hear a Sim shout it out while in bed with another Sim… or a hot tub… or a shower… you get the idea.



It’s not hard to figure out that this expression means “Disgusting!” When Sims are grossed out by something, they yell this out but the overdramatic way in which they say it never fails to make me laugh. Okay Eliza, we get it. Your lazy, good-for-nothing husband’s dirty laundry is smelly. Maybe dump it on the front lawn so he gets the hint to pick up after himself instead of whining to me about it?

Baharmy Plutarch? GLARCH!


I think everyone who has ever heard a Sim tell this joke cracks up when they hear it. Why? Who knows? It’s not like we understand the words. We have no idea what the joke is about but… GLARCH still makes us bust a gut laughing every time. The best punchline for a joke no one understands. It’s not what was said, it’s how it was said, you feel me?



This expression is more adorable than funny, especially when kids say it. This expression means “Checkmate!” and Sims say it when they’ve won a game of chess. They just sound so proud of themselves for outsmarting their opponent. Good for you, Sims. I can’t win a game of chess to save my life. Good for you. Meckchate, indeed.

Za Woka Genava


Has anyone else ever tried to get a date in real life using this expression? Yeah, it didn’t go well… but to Sims, this sultry flirtatious expression seems to have some kind of magic power. It reminds me of Joey Tribbiani’s “How you doin’?” expression from the 90’s TV sitcom, Friends. I can’t help but snicker whenever a Sim says this in that signature seductive tone. Go get all the WooHoo, Sims.



From now on, instead of counting down to midnight on New Year’s like a normal person, I’m just going to shout SHASHOOBIE over and over again, instead. It’s so much funnier and a great conversation starter with everyone else at the party! Namely, “What’s wrong with you?” and “I swear, I can’t take you out in public,” are just a few great responses from friends I might receive at the start of the new year.



Dag-Dag and Sul-Sul are such confusing expressions. We all know Sul-Sul means “Hello” and Dag-Dag means “Goodbye,” but if that’s the case, why do Sims sometimes say Sul-Sul at the end of a conversation when they are leaving? If Sul-Sul can also mean “Goodbye,” then why does Dag-Dag exist? Poor Dag-Dag. You already have your greeting, Sul-Sul. Move over and let Dag-Dag have a turn in the spotlight. Sheesh. So rude.

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