Cottage Living

COMMUNITY POLL: What are your thoughts on The Sims 4 Cottage Living?

The Sims 4 Cottage Living Expansion Pack hit the shelves exactly 2 weeks ago. You’ve either gotten a chance to play the pack already or see all the Cottage Living Coverage to judge the pack for yourself.

If you managed to dive deeper and play (or read about) all of the new Animals and Critters as well as check out the Pack entirely then this Community Poll is just for you!

Down below we’ve listed questions regarding your thoughts on the Expansion paCK and its certain aspects and features. There are questions regarding your satisfaction with CAS, Build, Gameplay, favorite Animals, the world as well as your overall opinion on the pack.

Feel free to continue the discussion about the pack in the comments after voting on the poll!

Please note that this is a community poll and has no relations with EA’s feedback surveys.

Did you get the Pack or do you plan getting it?

What are your thoughts on Cottage Living's CAS catalogue?

What about the Build Mode catalogue?

What's your favorite type of Animal to play with?

Thoughts on the new Henford-on-Bagley World?

Do you think Cottage Living comes with enough Gameplay?

How would you rate this Expansion Pack overall?

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