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The Sims 4 Spa Day Refresh: Aspirations Guide

The Sims 4 Spa Day received a pack refresh on 7th September 2021 and with that introduced several new aspirations!

The aspirations fall under the new Wellness category in the Aspirations panel. You will now have the option to choose the Inner Peace, Zen Guru or Self-Care Specialist aspirations for your Sims.

Below you’ll find everything you need to know about the new aspirations. Each of the aspirations comes with one overall level to complete, but each will come with multiple tasks your Sims need to do.

Inner Peace

“For the Sims that want to achieve ultimate harmony and learning tools to mitigate their negative emotions.”

  • Practice Mindfulness 0/6
  • Seek Relaxation 0/6
  • Find Peaceful Surroundings 0/40
  • Maintain Harmony 0/1

Completion of this aspiration will reward your Sim with the Clear Perspective Reward Trait.

Clear Perspective: “Bob has a clear head on his shoulders! Bob is now able to have a brief respite from the harshness of reality and recontextualize things. Like how it’s all sorts of meaningless… but in a good way!”

Zen Guru

“For the Sims that want to share the power of wellness with the world…the whole world, for real. They also focus on seeking to train their successor to pass the knowledge along.”

  • Comfort Others 0/20
  • Guide Others 0/6
  • Share Detox Tea 0/10
  • Become a Master Wellness Teacher 0/1

Completion of this aspiration will reward your Sim with the Calming Aura Reward Trait.

Calming Aura: “Eliza’s mastery over Wellness allows her to emanate a soothing glow! Use this newfound ability to calm Sims around her, and to look awesome.”

Self-Care Specialist

“For those Sims who would like to monetize their love of fitness and wellness.”

  • Hustle 0/1
  • Gain Self-Care Notoriety 0/10
  • Become a Spa Regular 0/20
  • Maintain a Regular Customer 0/1

Completion of this aspiration will reward your Sim with the Self-Care Expertise Reward Trait.

Self-Care Expertise: “Bob has developed an expertise for all things Wellness! Clients will now cough up way more money for his services!”

If you find yourself stuck while completing any of the new aspiration milestones, you can simply hover over the task to find out how to go about it.

Regardless of what Wellness path your Sims will take, these new aspirations will surely help them on their journeys.

Let us know what you think of the new aspirations in the comments below or over on social media!

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