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The Sims 4 Spa Day Refresh: All About Face Masks!


The Sims has released it’s Spa Day refresh; a free game update for both base game players and players who own the Spa Day game pack. While players who don’t own Spa Day get a few goodies, like some nails to choose from in CAS, players who own the Spa Day game pack have access to a much wider variety of content aimed at elevating the existing Spa Day gameplay.

The Sims 4 Spa Day Refresh: All About Face Masks!

One new addition exclusive to the Spa Day game pack is face masks! To refresh your memory, face masks were automatically applied when Sims took any of the special Spa Day soak baths but players could not instruct their Sims to use face masks as a separate action. The masks didn’t provide any benefit to your Sims, either; they were purely cosmetic.

Now face masks can be used anytime, anywhere and offer a wide variety of boosts and effects for your Sims! They come in a brand new mini-fridge object that’s been added to the Spa Day game pack in this refresh update. These mini-fridges can be placed on any lot so you can have them at home or at the spa. In addition to offering face masks, the new fridges also have two new cucumber-based quick meals available from them; a bowl of cucumbers and a cucumber energy drink.

The Sims 4 Spa Day Refresh: All About Face Masks!

To get your hands on some face masks, just click on one of these new mini-fridges and choose Purchase Face Mask. You can also opt to purchase and wear one right away. A menu will pop up with all the face masks available to purchase! There are six face masks you can buy and each one provides your Sims with different positive moodlets after wearing it for a short amount of time. One of the masks is even wearable by children and toddlers!

Animal Facial MaskWho says self-care can't be fun? These animal design facial masks are a favourite of all Sims alike, even kids!Toddler-Elder
Gold Facial MaskMade with 240K Gold infusions to replenish and recharge the skin. Luxurious and impossibly golden.Teen-Elder
Hydrating Facial MaskSoak your skin in the power of our patented hydrating formula LL4M4SP1T with this highly concentrated treatment. Optimal absorption guaranteed.Teen-Elder
Rejuvenating Facial MaskNot quite the fountain of youth, but close enough. This mask will make your skin feel fresh and renewed, like you can take over the world. It won't erase fine lines or wrinkles, but it will make you feel like an expensive snack.Teen-Elder
Relaxing Facial MaskIs it one of those days that you just... can't? Nothing like a relaxing self-care routine to turn a bad day around. This mask tried and true formula is guaranteed to melt that stress away.Teen-Elder
Sun Soothing Facial MaskAfter a long day out in the sun, your skin might feel a little... toasty. This facial mask delivers soothing ingredients to help your skin recover from those harmful rays.Teen-Elder

After purchasing your face masks, they’ll be stored inside the mini-fridge. This is to keep them chilled. Chilled masks offer more powerful benefits from being worn. A mask will only stay chilled for a short period of time after being removed from the fridge. If you want to get the most benefit out of your face masks, don’t carry them around in your inventory. Keep them in the fridge until you need them.

The Sims 4 Spa Day Refresh: All About Face Masks!

With a mask in your Sim’s inventory, just select it and choose Wear Face Mask. For toddlers, they have the option to Play With Animal Mask which is the same thing. Each mask looks different; some are sheet masks, others are clay masks, some are smooth and shiny. A few even have visual effects. For example, the gold mask sparkles. All masks have to be worn for a while in order for your Sims to gain a positive moodlet from it.

In the developer livestream, SimGuruNotVlad teased that some of the masks have special effects on occult Sims. We tried a Sun Soothing Facial Mask on a vampire and it made him immune to sunlight for 12 hours! There may be other effects from different masks on other occults. If you discover any more special occult effects from face masks, let us know!

The Sims 4 Spa Day Refresh: All About Face Masks!

Face masks can be very relaxing but don’t overdo it! Keeping a face mask on for too long or using too many face masks in a row can leave your Sim with irritated skin, which shows up as a blotchy red rash on their face! You cannot apply more face masks while your Sim has irritated skin. You must wait for their skin to heal, first. Sims will usually remove their masks on their own when they need to come off as long as they aren’t busy with something else, so it’s pretty hard to get to this point.

As long as you use face masks in moderation, your Sims should have no problems with them and reap all the benefits that come along with indulging in self-care.

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