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A Day in the Life of a High Maintenance Sim


The Spa Day Refresh update adds a new trait to the Spa Day game pack. The High Maintenance trait will make your Sims a little… dramatic. They will have meltdowns over small inconveniences and require frequent pampering to stay in a good mood. We could have written a guide for this trait but we thought it would be more fun to walk you through the trait in one of our Day in the Life segments! This trait is so tied into everyday gameplay that it just made sense to show you the trait through gameplay!

A Day in the Life of a High Maintenance Sim

Haleigh Silver just moved to Oasis Springs. She’s not sure what she wants to do with her life but she knows she needs a job that will accommodate her high maintenance lifestyle. She has a spa membership which makes her high-end lifestyle much more affordable. That’s a good thing because Haleigh has very high standards of self-care.

While Haleigh is bumming around her new home, pondering over the direction of her life, she starts to feel uncomfortable while watching her fourth movie in a row. Very uncomfortable. In fact, she’s Butt Hurt. As in, her butt really hurts from sitting down for too long. The only cure for such a devastating ailment is clear to Haleigh; only a nice long massage at the spa can soothe her sore behind.

A Day in the Life of a High Maintenance Sim

So off to the Perfect Balance Spa she goes! She’s heard the place has new luxurious massage chairs and tables and is looking forward to testing them out, herself. She does like to consider herself somewhat of a self-care connoisseur, after all. If the new massage equipment isn’t up to her standards, the spa staff will hear about it!

A Day in the Life of a High Maintenance Sim

Luckily, the new spa equipment doesn’t disappoint and Haleigh has a long, luxurious aromatherapy massage at the spa. As she’s getting her massage, her negative moodlet from being Butt Hurt is rapidly decreasing in length of time. The original moodlet lasts for 8 hours but by the time Haleigh’s massage is finished, she only has 2 hours of the moodlet left. That’s pretty good but Haleigh isn’t about to leave the spa still feeling uncomfortable. That would be a waste of a spa trip! You should be totally and utterly relaxed by the time you walk out of the spa, d’uh!

Haleigh decides she might as well get a mani-pedi while she’s here! As she sits down in the spa chair to select her shape, colour, and style, she thinks why not? Let’s go with a fancy set of stiletto nails with gems! It’s important to treat yourself to only the best of everything all the time, of course. Once she’s got her beautiful new nails, she lets her feet take a soak while she prepares for her luxurious pedicure. Ahhhh… the stress of sitting for too long is melting away already. What do you mean, she’s sitting down right now? It’s totally different if you’re getting your nails done, obviously! Sheesh!

Finally stress-free after a massage and a mani-pedi, Haleigh heads back home to… ponder some more on what she wants to do with her life. She still has no idea but hey, there’s always the spa to help ease her troubled mind when the burden of indecisiveness becomes too much, right?

That burden rears its ugly head the very next morning. As she sits down on the toilet to relieve herself, it happens. That horrifying PLONK sound, followed by a cold SPLASH on her behind! NOOOOOOOOO! Not the dreaded Poseidon’s Kiss! Day. Officially. RUINED!!!!!

That’s it. She absolutely NEEDS to go to the spa RIGHT NOW! She cannot with this day and she just woke up! Practically in tears over such a devastating tragedy happening to her first thing in the morning, Haleigh rushes back to the spa even though she was just there last night. You can never have too many spa treatments, right?

A Day in the Life of a High Maintenance Sim

Wrong! Haleigh tries to settle in with a bowl of cucumber slices and a relaxing face mask to ease all her stress away but something in that mask did not agree with her skin. Instead of leaving her skin refreshed and glowing, Haleigh ends up with a rash on her face. Her Irritated Skin moodlet combined with her Poseidon’s Kiss and Worst Day Ever moodlets push her into a Very Uncomfortable emotional state. How could her favourite place in the world betray her like this?! She has a MEMBERSHIP!

A Day in the Life of a High Maintenance Sim

Like any pampered princess would do, Haleigh complains (loudly) about how this spa’s face products almost killed her and that they owe her compensation for their negligence. As an apology to placate one of their valued spa members, they offer the sauna and meditation room, free of charge. Does a sauna and meditation session truly make up for all of Haleigh’s pain and suffering today? Maybe not, but it’s free and who’s going to say no to free spa services?

A Day in the Life of a High Maintenance Sim

Haleigh tries to enjoy herself in the sauna, hoping the steam will help soothe her burning skin but she is so upset from her traumatic experience that the sauna does nothing to ease any of her many negative moodlets. Nope, this isn’t going to work. Maybe some peaceful meditation will help centre her chakras again.

As Haleigh sits in the meditation room, listening to the low, soothing tones of New Age music in front of a bubbling fountain, a sense of peace and clarity washes over her. Her negative moodlets are finally melting away. Even her irritated skin is beginning to clear up! The power of the mind is truly a powerful thing!

A Day in the Life of a High Maintenance Sim

And in this meditative state, Haleigh has an epiphany. She knows exactly what she wants to do with her life now! It’s been obvious all along! She has a passion for self-care and it’s her calling in life to bring the practice of self-care to others! For profit, of course. A girl’s gotta fund her expensive taste, you know.

Good luck on your Spa Specialist journey, Haleigh! May your mani-pedis be plentiful and your Poseidon’s Kisses minimal.

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