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Maxis’ Upcoming Simulation Game is apparently called “Lost Astral”

Back in July 2021 we first reported the first details on Maxis’ new IP (Intellectual Property), which we can also call a new Franchise considering it’s a standalone, different game.

We got the information that the upcoming Simulation Game from Maxis’ is, well in fact, a Simulation HD title, with the following bits of information:

  • It’s a Simulation HD Game (PC / Consoles)
  • Developed / Prototyped in Unreal Engine 4
  • The game features a “3D Menu Navigation”
  • Includes “Super Abilities”
  • Comes with “Co-Op Player vs Environment” Events

We also have gotten the first look of what the game might be about thanks to the surfaced splash Maxis screen that you can see down below. It features a purple sky with stars, possibly hinting that the new Simulation is space-related…

A few days ago there’s been a huge leak from Nvidia Geforce NOW’s streaming service, which allows you to stream games directly without downloading from their platform.

Inside of the leak some players were able to uncover a list of over 18 thousand video games, including some of the ones that have yet to be released.

In that list is also an unnanounced game from EA and Maxis called Lost Astral. If we match the potential name leak with the splash screen that was leaked a few months ago we have almost a confirmed title from EA / Maxis that’s yet to be officially announced. Note that the name Lost Astral could also be a project name and not a final name for this upcoming Simulation.

A list of games that may be in development or have been developed that may be integrated into NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW streaming service has been leaked through their API1. Though to be taken with some scepticism, the leak has been condensed into a GitHub repository2. Looking through the games, I noticed a game titled ‘Lost Astral’ by the developer EA Maxis.

– u/Koriyo

To remind you again, there are multiple development studios inside EA/Maxis working on different titles, including:

So, when will EA / Maxis officially announce Lost Astral? We honestly have no clue. However, we’ll definitely keep you posted as new information surface!

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