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The Sims 4: Let’s Build a Spa in Mt. Komorebi!

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One thing I’ve always wanted in Mt. Komorebi was a spa. With the world’s focus on finding your inner zen, a spa just seemed like a perfect fit for this world. Not only would it be appreciated by all those hard-working salarypeople living in Mt. Komorebi, but it would also be a fun and relaxing activity to enjoy while vacationing in Mt. Komorebi, too.

When Spa Day got a much-needed refresh, I decided now was the perfect time to build one for my Sims. For an added challenge, I decided the only two packs I would use would be Snowy Escape and Spa Day. I also went with a more modern design since I planned to build this in the Wakaba District, on the lot where the lounge is.

Since this is a spa in Mt. Komorebi which is famous for its hot springs, I knew I needed to have a hot spring in my spa as the main focal point and attraction. I dedicated the entire first floor to the lobby, changerooms, and the hot spring. Since going to the onsen is very much a communal, social activity, I added a lot of cozy seating in a large area around the hot spring for people to relax or have a quiet chat with friends.

Upstairs is where the rest of the spa activities would be. Massages, manicures, pedicures, meditation, yoga, sauna, soak baths, it was all going to be here on the second floor. I had my work cut out for me because that’s a lot to cram into one floor while still maintaining a light, airy atmosphere that feels soothing. I took advantage of platforms and wide open doors to keep the space feeling big and open while still allowing for some privacy in the massage rooms and baths.

When I was finished, I had a meditation area as the focal point of this floor using platforms, with a yoga studio, sauna, massage rooms, and baths in smaller rooms around it. The circular pathway around the meditation area that leads to the rest of the spa amenities gives what could have been a very cramped space a soothing sense of flow.

For the exterior, I used shoji windows to bathe the inside of the building in soft light while still offering privacy to people relaxing inside the spa. A lot of clean lines, neutral colour tones, and a zen garden out front all give the spa the modern yet calming feel I was aiming for.

The Sims 4: Let’s Build a Spa in Mt. Komorebi!

In the end, I was quite proud of myself for having built this. Japanese architecture is very far outside my comfort zone and I had to double check a lot of details with people more knowledgeable on the subject than me but I finally have the Mt. Komorebi spa of my dreams!

And so can you! If you love this lot and would like it in your own game, you can find it in the Gallery! It’s called Shizukesa Onsen & Spa and my ID is SnarkyWitch. It has no CC and only requires Snowy Escape and Spa Day.

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