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Review of The Sims 4 Incheon Arrivals & Fashion Street Kits


This week, we said hello to two new CAS kits that were added to The Sims 4’s extensive list of add-on packs; Incheon Arrivals and Fashion Street. The kits showcase fashion from different cultures, with Incheon Arrivals focusing on airport fashion based out of South Korea, and Fashion Street highlighting India’s vibrant and colourful fashion style.

We tend to look at these bite-sized kits with a rather critical eye; after all, such small collections of content should be of the highest quality if The Sims expects its players to spend $5 (or more in some countries) on them. While some of the kits have impressed us in the past, others have fallen short. When we dove into Incheon Arrivals and Fashion Street, we were dearly hoping to be impressed after the underwhelming Industrial Loft Kit.

Review of The Sims 4 Incheon Arrivals & Fashion Street Kits

So let’s start with Incheon Arrivals. This kit comes with 20 items for teen-to-elder Sims in both feminine and masculine styles. Somewhat surprisingly, it contains no items for children or toddlers. The overall vibe of the kit is very comfy casual but trendy, with looks inspired by K-pop bands as well as a few pieces reminiscent of traditional South Korean attire. We were actually pretty impressed with the quality of the pieces in this kit. Everything looks very chic with nice textures and the casual yet trendy pieces can suit a variety of different looks. Although the swatch selection isn’t bad, there is a heavy focus on neutral colours. We would have liked to see some brighter colours in some of the swatches. Still, the neutral tones do make it easy to mix and match pieces with many different packs as well as the base game. We also enjoyed some of the soft pastel swatches. Many of the tops have multiple layers that fall nicely over a wide variety of bottoms in the game, which is really exciting to see because we haven’t really gotten much layered clothing that’s this versatile before. It also seems that The Sims Team is finally listening to us about masculine clothing because there is almost an exact equal number of masculine and feminine clothes and a large number of unisex items as well.

Review of The Sims 4 Incheon Arrivals & Fashion Street Kits

However, we also noticed some problems with the Incheon Arrivals Kit, mainly with how some of the pieces layer with each other. The calf-high heeled boots get cut off at the ankles when worn with the ankle-length pleated skirt from the kit. Even though the ankle boots strangely look quite good as well, that’s still no excuse for a glitch like this. Again, there are only 20 pieces in this kit and it costs $5. Every single thing in the kit should be polished to perfection. We also noticed a small but irritating conflict with the layered blazer and the pleated skirt in the back. The blazer cuts through the skirt a bit in the middle instead of neatly layering over it. This is a really big bummer because otherwise, this kit is really solid.

Review of The Sims 4 Incheon Arrivals & Fashion Street Kits

Moving on to Fashion Street, which showcases colourful Indian fashion, we were happy to see such an emphasis on accessories. Incheon Arrivals does not come with any accessories so it was nice to get quite a few accessories in Fashion Street. In fact, Fashion Street has a really impressive variety of items, from shoes to tops and bottoms, to full-body outfits, and even jewellery and tattoos. There is a lot to work with in this kit. Fashion Street comes with 30 different CAS pieces, which is more than what we usually get in CAS kits. Most tend to be around 20 items, like Incheon Arrivals. The one drawback is out of 30 items, 0 of them are for children or toddlers. Everything is for teen-elder Sims.

Review of The Sims 4 Incheon Arrivals & Fashion Street Kits

We were very happy with the quality of pretty much everything in Fashion Street. All the pieces have beautiful textures and patterns and a large number of swatches. Most of the swatches are bright and colourful with intricate designs and patterns but there are a few plainer variants in the mix as well. Overall, we felt that Fashion Street came out stronger than Incheon Arrivals in the swatch variety but the juxtaposition of the two styles offer a nice variety of looks for players. While all the clothing is beautiful, we were most excited by the number of accessories, especially the new nose ring and tattoos! If you wanted any kind of facial piercing in the game before, you had to spend a whole $40 on either Discover University or Eco Lifestyle and let’s just be honest; the piercings in those expansions are plain, chunky and awful. The nose ring that comes with Fashion Street is so delicate and detailed, it’s honestly gorgeous. The same goes for all of the other accessories, from the chandelier earrings to the beaded choker. The henna hand tattoos also come in a few different colours and different patterns which is something we don’t get very often with the game’s tattoo selection.

Review of The Sims 4 Incheon Arrivals & Fashion Street Kits

So overall, what’s our take on The Sims 4 Incheon Arrivals and Fashion Street Kits? Well let’s just say we’re happy we didn’t have to drag another kit in a review. We thoroughly enjoyed exploring these styles from around the world and getting creative with designing our own unique looks using all the new content. However, that doesn’t mean we’re okay with the glitches and issues that seem to come along with almost every single kit, including Incheon Arrivals. Fix. Your. Stuff. EA. Were it not for the layering problems with the boots, skirt, and blazer, we would have praised Incheon Arrivals just as highly as Fashion Street.

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