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The Sims 4: Overview of the Llamazon Instant Shopping Mod


There are lots of different ways to shop in The Sims 4; your Sims can order things from the phone, the computer, or go out to a retail lot to grab what they need. They can purchase from vendors, kiosks, and market tables as well, but have you ever wished you could get everything you needed from one place? Or maybe that specific item you’re looking for is a hassle to find anywhere?

Welcome to Llamazon, your one-stop-shop for anything and everything your Sims could ever want! I’ll be giving an overview of Ravasheen’s new Llamazon instant shopping mod and showing you all of its features. Can we just take a moment to appreciate that all of Ravasheen’s mods have the most adorable punny names? Cool? Cool. Moving on…

Of course, you will have to install the mod, first. You can get it from Ravasheen’s website. The current version is in early access for patrons only but will release to the public on November 6th, 2021. You can also follow Ravasheen on Patreon (no subscription needed to follow Patreon creators) to find out more about other early access mods if you’re interested. If you need help with installing mods, check out our article Getting Started With Mods and CC.

The Sims 4: Overview of the Llamazon Instant Shopping Mod

Once the mod is installed correctly, your Sims are ready to get their brand new Llamazon membership card! To find it, just search “llamazon” in the search field in Build/Buy. It will pop right up. To begin with, you’ll have to drag the Llamazon card onto a wall but once you’re back in Live Mode, the Llamazon card can be dragged into a Sim’s inventory. You can purchase as many Llamazon membership cards as you want. This allows every Sim in the household to have their own Llamazon membership. Yes, even children and toddlers! The only thing I noticed children and toddlers couldn’t buy from the Llamazon cards was fireworks. Which… is probably a good thing if you think about it.

Click on your new Llamazon card to bring up a menu of everything you can buy. There is an almost unfathomable number of things you can buy, ranging from groceries to collectibles. The mod is base game compatible but the more packs you own, the more things you’ll be able to buy. Ravasheen has integrated all currently released packs with this mod. She’s even taken the liberty of sorting everything into subcategories so it’s easy for your Sims to find exactly what they’re looking for. Here’s the full breakdown below:

  • Ingredients & Produce
    • Fruits & Vegetables
    • Ingredients
    • Grocery
  • Gardening
    • Seeds
    • Flowers
    • Fertilizer
  • Collectibles
    • Ancient Artifacts
    • Creature Collectibles
    • Decoration Collectibles
    • Gardening
    • Magic Objects
    • Natural Collectibles
    • Other Collectibles
  • Pets
    • Toys
    • Pet Care
  • Entertainment
    • Fireworks
    • Holiday Crackers
    • Books
  • Livestock
    • Feed
    • Animal Clothing
  • Supplies
    • Upgrade Parts
    • Crafting
    • Voodoo Doll
  • Wellness
    • Health
    • Herbalism
    • Facial Masks
    • Plasma Packs

Click on any category to browse through a shopping menu of those items. Once you’ve made your purchase, the items will be immediately added to your Sim’s inventory! No waiting for things to be delivered via the mail or a delivery person. No NPCs. No restrictions at all. It’s as easy as just selecting what you want to buy and boom! Your Sims immediately have it.

The Sims 4: Overview of the Llamazon Instant Shopping Mod

Since the Llamazon cards can be carried around and interacted with inside your Sim’s inventory, you can purchase from Llamazon anywhere your Sims are. There are no lot restrictions and no time restrictions, either. Llamazon is always available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere your Sims are as long as they have their Llamazon membership card on them!

This mod is very simple in concept and also very simple to use but adds a huge amount of convenience and functionality to your Sims’ busy everyday lives. The only negative thing about it I can possibly think of is perhaps the mod is a little too good in the sense that your Sims can buy a lot of things that are meant to be earned through gameplay, like collectibles. So some players might consider it cheating to be able to purchase these things outright so easily.

While I definitely see that side of it, I also see a lot of amazing and practical uses for this mod. I am not a player who likes to cheat so I don’t think I’ll be using the Llamazon cards to purchase some of the items, such as the collectibles, but for other things like groceries and pet supplies, I have a feeling I’ll be using this mod all the time to make buying those things less of a hassle. After all, why the heck shouldn’t I be able to buy pet toys and healthy treats for my pets online? People do all the time in real life. This mod adds a lot of realism and convenience to any player’s gameplay. If you don’t like to cheat, it’s easy to just not purchase the things you would rather earn yourself the hard way.

Be sure to grab the mod now if you’re a patron of Ravasheen or bookmark her website to come back and download the public release on November 6th!

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