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The Sims 4: Let’s Build a Romantic Getaway Cabin!


I have a lot of Sims getting married and going on honeymoons lately, so I’ve been on a bit of a romance kick when it comes to my builds. This time, I’ll be showing you how I built a romantic getaway cabin for Granite Falls that’s suitable for a couple to enjoy in all seasons and in any type of weather. I even went way outside of my comfort zone and utilized the terrain tools!

I started by sculpting the terrain in roughly the shape I wanted it. I knew I wanted the cabin to sit on a little hill and have a large back deck with a view of the surrounding forest. It was hard to visualize the exact shape I would need without anything built yet but I just focused on getting some kind of hill formed. No easy task when you rarely ever touch the terrain tools. Once I had a shape I was mostly happy with, I constructed the basic shape of the cabin on top. Then I did some adjusting with the surrounding terrain as needed. I would go back and smooth out or level parts of the terrain frequently as I continued this build to make sure things were situated on it correctly.

The Sims 4: Let’s Build a Romantic Getaway Cabin!

For the cabin itself, I wanted it to be very small and intimate. A cozy and rustic place that wasn’t too fancy but still warm and romantic. You might know from my previous build articles that I’m a big fan of beds on platforms and beds with a second set of pillows against the headboard. I used those features here as well but kept it to a small one-step platform with no headboard embellishments. This isn’t supposed to be a super luxurious build. It should still feel like a woodsy cabin. I used a matching set of nightstands and dresser from Seasons but sized down the dresser once so it wouldn’t look so huge and bulky in such a small space. To add the decor on top, I used the bb.moveobjects on cheat, the Alt key, and the 9 key to raise the objects to the desired height and place them where the dresser would be first. Then I slid the dresser underneath after. Otherwise, they would have snapped to the dresser and float in mid-air since I sized down the dresser. Some cozy rugs, a pine branch ceiling light, and Gallery Art by FruitLoops40 completed the space.

The Sims 4: Let’s Build a Romantic Getaway Cabin!

After doing the bed area, there wasn’t much space left inside for other amenities but that was perfect for me. I wanted this place to be as small and cozy as possible. After squeezing in a tiny but rustic-chic bathroom, I was left with only a small amount of space to fill. I put in a stone fireplace to keep the happy couple warm during Granite Falls’ harsh winter months and put in some loveseats with a tiny coffee table and a rug skewed diagonally for visual appeal. I finished off the space with some Gallery art by roseymow.

At this point, you might be asking me where on earth the kitchen is. How are Sims supposed to eat in this cabin on vacation? Well, that’s where the large back deck comes into play. I opted for an outdoor kitchen on the back deck to fully enjoy all nature has to offer in Granite Falls. I put in a fridge, sink, and some counter space along with a BBQ so Sims can enjoy the great outdoors while they grill up something delicious. Another reason I wanted a large back deck was because I wanted to have space for a hot tub with decorative privacy hedges. Nothing is more romantic on holiday than enjoying a hot tub on a private deck in the middle of nature. I also put in some seating here for Sims to sit down and enjoy their meal. Since Granite Falls can have some unpredictable weather, I opted to cover the back deck with roofing. I didn’t want rain or snow to stop Sims from being able to enjoy a meal or the hot tub outside.

The Sims 4: Let’s Build a Romantic Getaway Cabin!

While I wanted this cabin to be a place where Sims spent a lot of time indoors or on the deck, Granite Falls is still a camping world. I didn’t want to completely ignore that, so I added a few outdoorsy things in the yard for Sims to enjoy when the weather is nice. A firepit with some seating and a snack cooler, a picnic table complete with picnic basket, and horseshoes are all available on the lot as well.

The Sims 4: Let’s Build a Romantic Getaway Cabin!

Then it was just a matter of adding in all the greenery and painting the terrain. I kept the foliage to Granite Falls plants so it would blend in with the surroundings and added dirt or stone to the ground wherever there was pathing or activities. Then I painted over all the grassy parts with a deeper shade of forest green from the Outdoor Retreat game pack. I took these photos at the tail end of autumn which looks lovely with all the leaves scattered everywhere but in the summer, the yard springs to life with lots of colour and rich green tones.

And my romantic getaway cabin is all ready for Sims to rent out! If you’d like to add this cabin to your own game, it’s called Romantic Cabin Getaway and my Gallery ID is SnarkyWitch! It uses no CC but does make use of a lot of different packs.


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